Only Forever

Page 90

“No. I don’t share my feelings easily. This annoys my family.”
“Are you ready to share your feelings with me?”
Does he want me to confess I love him? He did ask if I had told my sisters I love him. Obviously, he is under the impression I love him. He is correct, although I don’t know how he knows. I haven’t told him. I don’t plan to keep my feelings secret forever, but I have not yet decided when or how I want to reveal this knowledge to him.
“It’s fine, Lilac. You can take your time.”
“I can? Most people, including my family, are annoyed with how reticent I am to discuss emotions.”
He kisses my nose, “Lilac, I love all of you and I know you. I know how difficult feelings are for you. Don’t worry. You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”
His words are yet another indicator of the good choice I’ve made in letting him into my life. I open my mouth to tell him I love him, but the words still won’t come.
He smiles and lets me go to switch on the engine, “Shall we go have our picnic now?”
Yes, Beckett Dempsey is the man for me. Grumpy boss and all.