Only Forever

Page 89

“We can always use people like you at our company,” he says.
Beckett wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me near. “She’s not looking for a new position.”
The man lifts his hands in surrender as he steps back.
We take our leave and remove our equipment to place it in the trunk. I remove my shirt, too as I’m hot and sweaty and the outside temperature has increased.
“If I had known you were wearing a cute little tank top underneath your shirt, I would have switched on the heat on our way here,” Beckett says before pulling me into his arms and placing a hard kiss on my lips.
I mewl in protest when he pulls away.
He winks. “On to our next surprise.”
“You mean the picnic lunch?”
“How did you know?”
“There’s a picnic basket in the backseat of your car. Since it wasn’t there the last time I was in your car, I assume you placed it there today. Also, I can smell fried chicken.”
He chuckles. “I should have known better than to think you wouldn’t notice the basket.”
“Yes, you should have. I’m quite observant.”
We settle in the car, and he begins driving again. “Where are we having this picnic?”
“I thought near the waterfall in Winter Falls. I’ve heard it’s quite lovely there.”
“It is lovely, but who have you heard this from? Did Ashlyn set this up? Because if she did, I can guarantee she’ll crash our picnic. The whole family will.”
He frowns.
“Ashlyn suggested we go on a picnic today, didn’t she?”
“I should have known better,” he grumbles. “Cassandra and her could be twins.”
I don’t disagree. “Where shall we go instead?”
“There’s a park near my house,” he suggests.
“And what are the chances of your sisters discovering us there?”
“High.” He runs a hand down his face. “I should have never told them how I feel about you.”
“You told them you love them? Why?”
He checks his rearview mirrors before pulling to the side of the road and turning to face me. “Why wouldn’t I tell them? Are you embarrassed of me?”
“Me? Embarrassed of you? You can’t be serious.”
“Why else would you not want me to tell my sisters how I feel?”
“I didn’t say I didn’t want you to tell them. I asked why you told them.”
He sighs. “With any other woman, I’d say semantics, but you’re perfectly serious.”
“I don’t understand this saying semantics business. Do you say semantics and then the discussion is over? How does saying one word end a discussion?”
“Never mind,” he mutters before cradling my face in his hands. “To answer your question, I’m close with my sisters and they bugged me until I admitted my feelings.” I feel the corners of my lips turn up at his admission. “Now, have you told your sisters you love me yet?”