Only Forever

Page 87

Chapter 27
Proof – when the man you love acts in such a way as to establish he’s the man for you
“Are you ready for our date?” Beckett asks when I open my door to him.
I look down at my outfit. I’m wearing jeans and a white button-up shirt. “I believe I’m ready. You didn’t mention what we’re doing so I was unsure as to what to wear.”
He kisses my cheek. “You look gorgeous.”
Gorgeous? I admit I’m not altogether bad looking but gorgeous?
He chuckles. “Accept the compliment.”
“Thank you.”
He shakes his head at me before motioning toward my purse. “Grab your stuff and let’s go.”
I grab my purse and laptop bag, but he snatches the laptop bag from me. “No. This is a date, not a work engagement. You don’t need your laptop. In fact, you don’t need your phone.”
“Don’t need my phone? Is this some kind of joke? How can I reference past events or research any questions that may arise? What if I need a phone number? What if there’s an emergency?” I feel panic bubbling up inside of me.
He soothes a hand over my shoulder and the panic immediately recedes at his touch. “Forget I said anything. You can bring your phone with you.”
“Of course, I can. I don’t need your permission.”
He smiles as he leads me out of the building to his car.
Once we’re driving out of town, I ask, “Where are we going?”
“It’s a surprise.”
“I’m not a fan of surprises.”
“Because you prefer to be prepared for all eventualities.”
I narrow my eyes on him. “How do you know?”
He grasps my hand and places our clasped hands on my thigh. “You’re pretty easy to figure out.”
“I am?” People usually say the opposite. I’m confusing. I don’t follow social norms. I do what’s least expected.
“Well, honey, you’re easy for me to figure out.”
This is most unexpected. I’ll have to think on it later. Meanwhile, I have a list of questions to ask him during our date to ensure conversation flows. According to my research, silence should be avoided during a date.
“Why did you relocate to White Bridge?”
“For the job. Clean Mountain Environment recruited me.”
“And you moved to Colorado from Saint Louis?”
“Me and my sisters. Well, three of my sisters.”
“You’ve mentioned raising four sisters several times, but you don’t talk about your fourth sister. Is there a reason why not? And why didn’t she move with you?”
“Olivia is the oldest of the girls. She’s three years younger than me. When Mom and Dad died, she thought she was old enough to go off on her own.”
“She would have been fifteen. Fifteen is still a child.”