Only Forever

Page 86

“What are you doing?” Juniper hisses after him. “Someone will recognize you.”
He winks. “Tonight is for locals only.”
“Don’t worry, Rickie,” Sage hollers from her position by the door. “We got you covered.”
I scan the room and realize I know every single person in the bar tonight. Maverick’s correct. There are no tourists here tonight.
Juniper bites her bottom lip. “Are you sure?”
He picks up a guitar and settles on a stool. “This is for my June Bug.”
He strums the strings and begins to sing the song he wrote for my sister, Stay For Forever.
By the time he finishes, Juniper’s dashing a finger under her eyes. Thank you she mouths to him. He winks before clearing his throat.
“Ahem. As many of you know, this song convinced Juniper to finally take a chance on me and move in with me.” He pauses while people shout out their agreement. “So, I figured maybe it’d be the song to convince her to marry me.”
Juniper gasps before slapping her palms to her cheeks.
“June Bug, will you stay with me for forever as my wife?”
My fingers dig into Beckett’s leg as I wait for her to answer. While Juniper fooled everyone else, I observed her misery for months when she thought Maverick had cheated on her. She had a hard time letting him into her heart after his betrayal. I hold my breath as I wait for her to answer. I can’t watch her be depressed for months again.
“Yes,” she whispers and then stands before shouting, “Yes! Maverick Langston, I’ll marry you!”
She springs onto the stage while he jumps off and they collide before falling to the floor. They’re laughing, so I assume they’re uninjured.
“Your family’s awesome, Lilac,” Beckett says as he grasps my chin and tilts my head up. When he notices the tears leaking from my eyes, he wipes them away with a smile on his face. He kisses my eyelids and I squeeze his wrists.
“But not as awesome as you are, Lilac.”
I’m done waiting and lift up to touch his lips to mine. I can feel his smile against my lips, and I smile in return.
“What did we miss?” Lyric’s yell interrupts our kiss.
Beckett pulls his lips from mine and bursts into laughter.
At his laughter, some of the fear of him tiring of dealing with my issues dissolves. Maybe this is the man who will stay. Only one time is in the past.