Only Forever

Page 83

Chapter 26
Karaoke – can be alternately terrifying or a means to seduce your fiancé
“I’m getting married!” Aspen shouts as I enter Electric Vibes.
Before I have a chance to remind her how her upcoming wedding nuptials are the reason for our gathering at the bar tonight, she tackles me to the floor. I push her off of me and stand.
“What is it with you and tackling me lately?” I ask as I brush debris off of my skirt.
“She better not tackle me,” Ashlyn says as she enters behind me. She then turns to the side and poses with her arms in the air.
“What is she doing?”
“I’m showing off my baby bump. And look at these.” She grabs her breasts and shoves them together. “They’re growing. They’re finally growing!”
Her best friend, Moon, bumps her hip. “It took them long enough.”
They giggle and throw their arms around each other before rushing off.
“Have fun while you can,” Ellery hollers after them. “The fun won’t last when your baby’s up all night screaming and crying.”
Aspen frowns when she notices the bundle Ellery’s carrying. “You brought your daughter to my bachelorette party?”
Ellery rolls her eyes. “What did you expect? You ordered Lyric to have his bachelor party on the same night as your bachelorette party. Where was Willow supposed to go?”
“With me.” Mom sweeps in and steals the baby away. Ellery doesn’t bother to protest.
“Why are we having this bachelorette party now?” I ask Aspen once Mom disappears into the crowd. “You’re not getting married for several months.”
“Does there need to be an excuse for a party?”
“My guess is she wants to start trying to get pregnant,” Ellery says.
My brow furrows in confusion. According to my observations, Aspen has already been trying to get pregnant.
“New betting round,” Sage yells from behind me and I startle. I should have been paying better attention to my surroundings. Letting your guard down in Winter Falls is never a good idea.
“What’s this one for?” Feather asks.
“When will Aspen get pregnant,” Sage says.
Petal looks Aspen up and down. “I can’t believe she’s not pregnant already. Lyric is a strapping young man.”
I ignore them and address Ellery, “What is the protocol for the evening?”
“Yes, the protocol. We’ve decorated the bar, Aspen’s wearing a sash declaring her the bride to be, what happens next?”
She threads her arm through mine. “Now, we get our drink on.”
“You can’t drink. You’re breastfeeding.”
“Let me introduce to you this wonderful invention called pumping.” Before I have a chance to remind her I’m an engineer and am aware of what pumping is, Lennon slams a pitcher of margaritas down on the counter.
“I don’t want any trouble from you West girls tonight,” he waits until we nod before continuing, “unless it’s fun, then make all the trouble you want.”
“This is for the one who’s preggers,” he adds as he sets a pitcher of orange juice on the counter.