Only Forever

Page 82

I dip my head and drag my tongue along her neck. She tilts her chin back to offer me better access and I know I’ve got her where I want her now.
“If anyone catches us, I will seek retribution,” she says.
I wiggle my eyebrows. “Oh yeah?”
“Have you met my sister Ashlyn?”
I shiver. Ashlyn reminds me of Cassandra who was a troublemaker from the moment she learned how to climb down the trellises outside her window.
“We won’t get caught,” I mumble against her lips and then I’m done talking because Lilac’s right. We shouldn’t be kissing in my office, but how can I resist her when she offered to defend me from HR? An action that would put her own position in jeopardy.
My tongue plunders her mouth and with her taste on my tongue, I forget all about work and careers and sexual harassment claims. Who cares about those mundane things when I have the woman I love pliant in my arms?