Only Forever

Page 81

“I thought you were going to be more accommodating now we’re …” she pauses to ensure the door is closed, “in a personal relationship.”
“Brandi is lodging a sexual harassment claim against me.”
Her eyes widen. “What?” she barks before clearing her throat. “I meant what is the basis for her complaint? You flirting with her?”
I nod.
Her nose wrinkles. “Sexual harassment is the making of unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances in the workplace.”
“Flirting is inappropriate.”
She stands. “This misunderstanding is all my fault. Let me speak with HR and straighten this out.”
I catch her by the arm before she can go anywhere. I’m not letting her fall on her sword to save me. I’ll deal with whatever consequences come my way. “No.”
She glares at me. “You can’t tell me what to do.”
I don’t remind her we’re at work and I’m the boss here as my reminder will not go down well. “You rushing to my defense won’t help matters.”
She contemplates my words for a few moments. “Okay. But what happens now? Are you going to get fired?”
“I’m not going to get fired. Brandi will work with Stan from now on.”
“Stan? The COO Stan?”
I nod.
“Are you quite certain you don’t want me to speak to HR and sort this mess out? I can tell them I saw Brandi flirting with you and therefore your supposed advances were not unwelcomed.”
I grasp her hand and lead her to the sofa in the corner of my office. She fights against my hold. “What are you doing?”
“I’m going to make out with the woman who’s trying to save me.”
“I told you there will be no kissing at the office.”
“I agreed to no sex at the office. I didn’t agree to no kissing.”
Her jaw clenches and a fire sparks in her eyes. “We will be making all of our agreements in writing from now on. There is obviously too much ambiguity otherwise.”
I tuck a strand of hair that escaped from her bun behind her ear. “I like ambiguity.”
“I do not. Ambiguity leads to misunderstandings. Misunderstandings lead to injured parties.”
I sit on the sofa and settle her in my lap. She crosses her arms over her chest and leans away from me.
“This is a bad idea. What if someone walks in?”
“No one walks into my office when the door’s closed.”
“I’ve walked in when the door was closed.”
I cup her chin. “Except you. But you’re already inside my office.”
I nip her bottom lip and then soothe the bite with my tongue. She sighs and leans closer.
“I maintain this is a bad idea.”
“The door’s locked,” I remind her.