Only Forever

Page 78

I shrug. I can hardly deny it when he showed up here today wearing the same clothes he had on yesterday. A piece of information the gossip gals enjoyed announcing to the entire store when they arrived forty-five minutes ago. Plus, we arrived together.
Sage slams her hand down on the counter. “Of course, they’re involved. The question is when Beckett is going to pop the question.”
“Pop the question? What question?”
She rolls her eyes. “The question.”
“She means propose,” Feather explains.
My brow furrows. “Propose? But we’ve been dating for less than twenty-four hours.”
Cayenne snorts. “You go ahead and tell yourself it’s only been twenty-four hours.”
“Because it has been. We agreed to be in a relationship last night, which is less than twenty-four hours ago.”
“Yes!” Petal shouts. “I win!”
Several people in the crowd look over at her shout. Before I know what’s happening, half of the town is jammed around the counter.
“Sorry, ladies,” Beckett says as he grasps my elbow. “I need to borrow her for a minute.”
“You go ahead, Becky boy,” Sage says.
Beckett leads me to the storage room and shuts the door behind us.
“You okay?”
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Because those ladies were asking you questions you find uncomfortable.”
“You don’t think it’s weird I find their questions uncomfortable?”
“Why is it weird? There’s no right or wrong way to being comfortable.”
He’s obviously not spent enough time with my family. “What if I’m uncomfortable in situations everyone else thinks are normal?”
He shrugs. “What’s normal?”
“Everyone else.”
He growls before grasping my jaw and tilting my head until I’m forced to look him in the eye. “I don’t know who told you you’re not normal, but don’t you listen to them. Normal is in the eye of the beholder.”
“I thought beauty was in the eye of the beholder.”
He smiles and his eyes crinkle. This close I can see the flecks of gray in his blue eyes. “I’m trying to tell you I don’t give a shit if you’re normal. I love you, Lilac Bean, just the way you are.”
His lips press against mine in a barely there kiss. “Now, you sorted?”
I nod. I think I am. No one’s ever told me they like me just the way I am, let alone love me. Besides my family, of course. But they have to love me.
Can I trust Beckett to truly love me? I know he said he loves me last night, but I don’t know if I believed him then. But he loves me for who I am? I might be convinced he was being truthful after all.
“We better get out there before one of those old biddies listening at the door has a heart attack.”
“Who you calling old biddy?” Sage shouts through the door.
Beckett winks and mouths told you so.