Only Forever

Page 77

“I think you appear disheveled,” I tell him since the fake hair attached to the ballcap is a mess. “And the sunglasses are overkill. I’m also confused as to why you’re attempting to hide your identity. Everyone in Winter Falls knows who you are.”
“The paps,” Juniper says.
“The paps? What are the paps?”
“The paparazzi. Didn’t you notice the news vans?”
I’m confused. Why is the location of a movie star news? “You don’t mean the actual evening news would be interested in Maverick Langston’s location?”
“We can’t chance it,” Maverick says before leading Juniper to the rear entrance of the bookstore.
I retrieve my key for the door, but it bangs open before I can locate it.
“Thank Litha, you’re here.” Aspen motions us inside. “I need help.”
“What do you need us to do?” Juniper asks.
“Not you. Sorry, Juniper, but you need to be able to escape at a moment’s notice if anyone recognizes Maverick.”
She frowns, but Maverick leans over and kisses her hair. “I can leave now if you want.”
She grabs his hand. “No. You’re family. This is a family event. I want you here.”
“Can you help man the cash register?” Aspen asks me.
“I assume this is a rhetorical question since I updated your point of sale operations.”
“And you can greet people at the door,” she tells Beckett who nods in response.
She claps her hands. “Let’s do this!” She charges toward the door separating the back storage room from the store. I don’t follow her. Instead, I clasp Beckett’s hand and hold him back until we’re alone.
He cocks an eyebrow at me. “What’s wrong?”
“You don’t have to help.”
“I’m happy to.” He winks and hauls me to the store before I have a chance to respond.
He leads me to the cash register. “Stay here. If you get overwhelmed, send me a sign.”
“A sign? What kind of sign?”
“Send me a text message and I’ll come save you.”
I bristle. “I’m not a damsel in distress. I don’t need saving.”
He tweaks my nose. “Of course not. It’s still my privilege to rescue you.”
“Everyone in their spots. We’re about to open!” Aspen shouts.
Beckett kisses my forehead before sauntering to the front door to welcome visitors. Aspen thrusts a tray with glasses of champagne into his hands before unlocking the door.
For the next hour, he smiles and charms every person who walks in the door.
“I like him,” Mom announces from next to me.
“You always like our boyfriends.”
“Boyfriend? You admit you’re involved?”