Only Forever

Page 76

“Apparently, all-natural doesn’t mean it won’t sting like hell when poured directly into your eye.”
“To be fair, I don’t think Soleil considered our particular situation when she made the shampoo.”
“Who’s Soleil?”
“A local tradeswoman. She makes natural honey products, does pottery, and knits vibrator covers, among other things.”
He stares at me with his mouth gaping open. “Did you say knits vibrator covers?”
“Yes. Apparently, they’re quite popular.”
He chuckles. “You never did tell me which sister wrote a book and what it’s about.”
“Actually, it’s two of my sisters – Ashlyn and Aspen. The book details their treasure hunt.”
His eyes widen. “Treasure hunt? I’m intrigued.”
“It all began when Aspen found a letter in the back of the bookstore she owns. The letter was from a woman telling her lover to make sure to hide the loot well. After some digging, she discovered the letter was from Patricia Hall to her lover, Robert Adams. Robert Adams was actually the Black Hat Bandit. In 1955, he robbed the Hastings National Bank in Nebraska.”
“How much did he steal?”
“Fifty-thousand dollars.”
He whistles. “Fifty-thousand dollars? That’d be worth about half a million in today’s money.”
“Anyway, Aspen and Ashlyn decided they were going to locate the ‘missing loot’ as they referred to it. They followed the clues and ended up discovering the money hidden near an old railroad station.”
“Correction,” Juniper hollers from behind us. “I’m the one who dug the money up.”
I glance back at her. “There is no correction needed. I didn’t say you didn’t dig the money up.”
She steps forward and hugs Beckett. “Welcome to the family.”
My lips purse. “It’s a bit premature to welcome him to the family.”
Maverick kisses my cheek. “Hi, Lilac.”
I’m stunned by him kissing me and flustered about what I should say. “Hi?” The word comes out sounding like a question.
Beckett wraps an arm around me and pulls me near. “Hey, Maverick.”
“Are you ready for this?” Maverick asks.
“Of course, we’re ready,” I answer. “I was here yesterday before the pub quiz helping Aspen set everything up.”
Maverick stares at me in confusion for a moment and I wonder what I’ve done wrong this time, but, after a moment, he winks at me. “Sounds good.”
We continue our journey toward Fall Into A Good Book, Aspen’s bookstore. When we turn onto Main Street, I note there’s a crowd waiting outside the bookstore.
“Aspen and Ashlyn will be pleased.”
When no one responds to my comment, I glance behind me to discover Juniper and Maverick gone. “Where did they go?”
“Psst.” Juniper waves at me from the entrance to the back alley. “We’re going in the rear entrance of the bookstore.”
“Okay,” I say as I follow her.
Maverick pulls out a ballcap and sunglasses. “What do you think?” he asks and wiggles his eyebrows.