Only Forever

Page 72

“Oh goodie, I hope I’m in trouble,” Ashlyn says as she bounces out of the car and up the driveway. When she reaches the porch, she launches herself at her husband. He catches her and carries her inside while waving to us.
“Take a left at the end of this street,” I tell Beckett once we’re driving again.
“I know where to drive.”
“You do? How do you know where I live?”
“It’s in your personnel file.”
Oh, of course.
We arrive at my apartment mere moments later. Winter Falls is a small town with a mere 1,001 residents after all.
“Thank you for the ride,” I say to Beckett, but he’s already out of the car and rounding the hood. When he opens the door, I tell him, “You didn’t need to open my door. I’m perfectly capable of opening my own door.”
He grasps my hand and helps me out of the car. “I know you’re capable. Lilac Bean West can do anything she puts her mind to. But there’s nothing wrong with my being a gentleman.”
I think on his answer for a few moments. “You are correct. You being a gentleman and my being an independent woman are not mutually exclusive.”
He places a hand on my lower back as he accompanies me to the entrance of my building. His hand caresses my hip as we walk, and I lean into him. By the time we reach the door, our bodies are touching and my center is tingling.
“I don’t think we should have sex,” I blurt out.
“I wasn’t offering.”
While I contemplate why he’s rejecting me, he snatches the keys from my hand and opens the door. He motions me inside and we climb the stairs to my apartment.
“Why are you following me if you don’t want sex?”
“I want to talk.”
I raise an eyebrow. “Talk about what?”
“Let’s get inside your apartment before we continue.”
I contemplate him a moment. Do I want to talk to him? If it’s about work, it can wait. And, if it’s not about work, I’m unsure as to how to proceed. Although, I am curious as to what he wants to discuss and there’s only one way to find out. I nod my agreement. He opens the door and returns my keys to me.
“We’re inside. You may continue.”
He chuckles. “Can we sit down or are we going to have the most important conversation of my life in the hallway?”
“The most important conversation of your life? I didn’t realize you were prone to exaggeration.”
“I’m not.” He taps my nose. “Shall we sit down?”
I sigh before leading him to my living room. His gaze studies the interior as he makes his way to the sofa and sits. I sit on the edge of the recliner, which is as far from him as I can be while still staying in the same room. My fingers drum on my thighs while I wait for him to speak.
“I was flirting with Brandi.”
My stomach churns and my heart clenches at his admission. I’ve never been a jealous person before, but when it comes to Beckett my normal reactions don’t apply, which is one of the reasons I’m convinced my feelings for him are love.
“Yes, I’m aware.”
“I did it to make you jealous.”
I’m not often at a loss for words, but I find myself at a loss now. “What? Why?”
“Because you act as if our night together meant nothing.”