Only Forever

Page 69

“Yes. He’s a bit obsessed with the former member of the Beatles.”
“Usual rules apply,” Lennon says. “The first person to raise their hand will be called on for the answer. If the answer is correct, we’ll move on to the next question. If the answer is incorrect, the second person to have raised their hand will be asked to answer the question. And so on.”
Ashlyn pours glasses of beer and hands them to Lilac, Aspen, and Juniper. “Usual rules apply. You have to chug the beer whenever you or anyone else on the team get the answer wrong. Or whenever anyone else in the pub gets the answer correct.”
“This is ridiculous. This is your rule and yet you can’t drink.”
Ashlyn winks at Lilac. “And yet, the rule lives on.”
“Why doesn’t Beckett have a glass?”
“He’s driving. Unless,” she pauses with the pitcher poised over another glass, “he’s spending the night at your house?”
I would love to spend the night at Lilac’s house in her bed, but I’m not surprised when she mutters, “He is not.” I know I have a lot of work to do before I’m welcome back in her bed.
“The first question is …” Lennon pauses until the crowd quiets down. “Who lives at 221B Baker Street?”
Someone shouts out Sherlock Holmes.
“Correct,” Lennon nods in their direction.
“Drink,” Ashlyn shouts at her sisters.
“No,” Aspen refuses before hollering, “No one lives at 221B Baker Street as it doesn’t exist!”
“Technically, it’s now a museum,” Lilac adds.
Aspen glares at her. “Do people live at museums?”
“Point is granted to the Sisters of Mayhem.”
“We’re the Sisters of Mayhem,” Ashlyn explains with a smirk on her face.
“She’s very proud of her ability to cause mayhem,” Lilac whispers to me.
“Hey! If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Ashlyn winks.
“Next question,” Lennon shouts. “Which Greek hero performed the twelve labors?”
Lilac raises her hand and waits for him to nod in her direction. “Heracles.”
“Beep. Incorrect. Hercules.”
A hush falls over the crowd and everyone’s attention focuses on Lilac who raises her hand again.
Lennon sighs. “Yes, Lilac?”
“You said Greek hero. Hercules is the Latin name. Heracles is the Greek name.”
“Fact checker!”
Forest climbs onto the stage in his tiny speedos and nothing else having now ditched his t-shirt and shoes. “Google says Lilac is correct.”
Lilac bristles. “As if you need Google to check my information.”
I squeeze her thigh and she inhales a quick breath. “Good job,” I whisper and enjoy watching goosebumps break out on her skin.
“Next question. Who was the first man to circumnavigate the globe?”