Only Forever

Page 65

“Does no one want to listen to my side of the story?” Beckett asks.
“Sorry. Not sorry. This one.” Aspen points to me. “Doesn’t lie.”
“What if she misunderstood what she saw?”
“It’s possible.” Aspen taps her chin before asking me, “What did you see, Lilac?”
“Brandi pushed her chair as close to Beckett’s as possible. She then tossed her hair and fluttered her eyelashes at him.”
Juniper pokes Maverick. “I hope you know I’d kill you if you let your PA act that way.”
Maverick nuzzles her neck. “I learned my lesson, June Bug.”
“What about how I responded?” Beckett asks the crowd.
“This ought to be good,” Ashlyn mutters. “How did you respond?”
“He smiled at her,” I answer before he can.
“Boo!” Ashlyn and Juniper shout together.
Ellery glares at them. “You’re lucky Willow’s not sleeping.”
“I smiled at her while I asked her to scoot her chair away from me,” Beckett explains.
I cross my arms over my chest. This relationship stuff is confusing. Why would you smile at someone when you’re unhappy with what they’re doing?
“But she didn’t move her chair.”
He throws his arms in the air. “What did you want me to do? Yell at her in front of everyone.”
“I don’t know why not. You had no problem indicating your disapproval of my handling of the Arkville contract in front of everyone. Why is yelling at Brandi in front of everyone any different?”
I’m not asking a rhetorical question. I’m genuinely confused why Brandi received special treatment and I did not.
“I didn’t want to embarrass her. Plus, I didn’t yell at you in front of everyone.”
“But you made it clear – once again – how you believe me to be incompetent.”
“I don’t …” He sighs. “Maybe I should leave.”
“Good idea. Mixing business and personal life is a bad idea.”
“I’m not leaving because whatever is happening between us is over.”
“But it is over. We agreed. Only one time.”
He growls. “I never agreed to your terms.”
“Your agreement was implicit in carrying forth with our sexual encounter after I made my terms explicit.”
“Someone stop her! She’s talking about sex like it’s a contract,” Ashlyn grumbles.
“Dream girl,” Rowan warns.
“You’re right,” Beckett says. “I should not have had sex with you knowing you thought it would be a one time thing when I planned to convince you for more.”
He wants more? I want more. But wait. I can’t have more. He’s still my boss. My boss who flirted with another woman in my presence during a business meeting.