Only Forever

Page 64

I don’t bother asking Mom how she knows we had sex. It’s impossible to keep a secret from my mother. I don’t know how she manages it, but she knows more about what’s going on in town than the gossip gals, which is saying a lot. At least she’s more discreet than the gossip gals. Or, I should say, she usually is.
“I did, but it was a mistake.”
“It wasn’t a mistake,” Beckett growls.
My stomach tingles at his growl, but I ignore it the same way he’s ignored me for the past week at work. “I thought you understood it was a mistake. Why else have you been unfriendly to me at work?”
“I haven’t been unfriendly to you at work.”
“Yes, you have. Do you need examples?” I don’t wait for his answer before beginning, “You had Brandi sit next to you at the monthly meeting and you flirted with her.”
“I didn’t flirt with her.”
Lyric snarls. “You flirted with another woman in front of Lilac?”
Beckett holds up his palms. “I was trying to follow the rules Lilac set up.”
“I set up?” Is he seriously blaming me for his flirting with another woman? “I didn’t set up a rule about you flirting with your PA during meetings in front of the entire engineering staff.”
“I wasn’t flirting.”
I ignore him. I’m not an idiot. I may be socially inept and awkward, but I know when two people are flirting.
“In addition to flirting with another woman, you berated me because I haven’t managed to close the deal with Arkville yet.”
“I didn’t berate you.”
“You insisted on contacting the mayor despite knowing I had a call scheduled with him to discuss the contractual terms.”
“I wasn’t—”
“Dude,” Rowan interrupts, “you’re never going to win an argument with her. You might as well give up now.”
“I’m never giving up.”
“Okay, I can detail further ways in which you’ve been unfriendly and unsympathetic or aloof to me at work.” I fish my phone out of my pocket. “On Thursday, you—"
Beckett snatches my phone from me. “I didn’t mean you should list every interaction we’ve had at work for your entire family.”
I hold out my hand for my phone. “How else do you expect me to prove you’ve been unfriendly to me at work?” He frowns at my hand but after a brief hesitation lays my phone in it.
“I’ve heard enough,” Lyric grumbles. “Your provisional approval has been withdrawn.”
Provisional approval? “What are you talking about?”
“Now, now. There’s no need to be hasty,” Mom interjects. “Maybe he flirted with his PA to make Lilac jealous?”
Ashlyn giggles. “Bad idea, dude. Bad idea.”
Beckett’s hands fist at his hips. “I didn’t flirt with Brandi.”
“Oh boy.” Ellery rolls her eyes. “Please tell me her name isn’t Brandi with an i.”
“I’m unsure how the spelling of his PA’s name is relevant to this conversation.”
She sighs. “It’s with an i.”
Cole wraps an arm around her and peers down at Willow who’s laying in her mother’s arms. “Your daddy knows better than to flirt with another woman no matter how her name is spelled.”