Only Forever

Page 62

Ruby waves toward the street. “Go home and ask Sirius to remove his shirt if you want to see a man’s naked chest.”
Clove sighs. “I’ve seen his naked chest for thirty years. I’m entitled to a bit of variety.”
“As for you lot,” Ruby wags her finger at her daughters and their partners, “don’t think I don’t know you went to White Bridge to confront Beckett already.”
“Does she have us chipped? How does she always know everything we do?” Rowan grumbles as he lifts Ashlyn off of his lap and stands.
Ashlyn raises her hand. “I didn’t go to White Bridge.”
“Beckett will be at Sunday family dinner tomorrow. You can harass him then.”
Harass me? This isn’t enough harassment?
Ruby glances up at me and winks. “Don’t worry. I got your back.”
I hope to hell so, because it appears I have another loop to jump through tomorrow.