Only Forever

Page 56

Chapter 19
Love – an illogical emotion that can sometimes be explained by logic
You got this!
Go Lilac!
Kick some ass!
Lilac! Lilac! Lilac!
I stare at the messages on my phone. My sisters have been sending them all morning long.
Why are you pretending to be my personal cheerleaders?
Ashlyn: *Eyeroll emoji* Duh.
My baby sister doesn’t understand the meaning of a clear statement.
Aspen: We want you to do well at work.
Me: I always do well at work.
Despite what Beckett may think about my capabilities, I am more than competent in my job. In fact, I excel in my field. I don’t have to continue to work at Clean Mountain Environment since I receive job offers at least twice a month, but I choose to remain here.
Juniper: She means she wants you to do well at work *Wiggle eye emoji*
Me: You are all being confusing. I’m at work and switching my phone off.
Ellery: They mean they want you to schlep the boss.
Me: Only one time and our one time is over
After I send my reminder to them of what my personal relationship with Beckett is, I switch my phone off.
“Knock. Knock,” Brandi greets as she enters my office. “Beckett wanted you to know the meeting is starting in five minutes.”
I check my watch. “The meeting time hasn’t changed. Why did Beckett ask you to remind me?”
She shrugs. “Don’t kill the messenger.”
I stare at her retreating back. Why didn’t Beckett come to remind me himself if he’s worried I had forgotten? Or send me a message?
I pick up my phone and scroll through my messages searching for communications from Beckett, but I haven’t received a single message from him since before our trip to San Francisco. This is most unusual.
Is Beckett finished with me? My stomach cramps at the thought. I know we agreed to only one time, and I may have claimed having sex with him once would burn through our chemistry, but it didn’t. Not for me at least. He obviously feels otherwise if he’s avoiding me.
My phone beeps to remind me of the meeting. I don’t have time to examine my feelings on this situation now. I gather my things and make my way to the meeting room.
When I enter the room, I immediately move toward the open spot next to Beckett. When I try to pull the chair out, he grunts and points to an open spot on the opposite side of the room.
“What?” I don’t understand. Whether I want to or not, as the lead environmental engineer in the company, I always sit next to Beckett in the monthly review meetings.
“This is Brandi’s seat.”
“Brandi doesn’t attend these meetings.”
The monthly review meeting is to discuss all of the ongoing engineering projects. There’s no reason for Beckett’s PA to attend.