Only Forever

Page 50

“Nope.” Ashlyn thrusts her palm in my face. “No avoidance. Explain why you’re working from home.”
“How do you even know I’m working from home?”
“Duh. Cassandra told me.”
I knew introducing Ashlyn to Beckett’s sister was a bad idea.
“And how did Cassandra know?”
“Beckett told her you were avoiding him.”
I feel panic bubbling up from inside of me until it explodes in the form of words bursting forth. “Why is Beckett talking to his sister about me? What else did he tell her? Is he telling everyone at the office we had sex? I’ll lose my job.”
“Hold up! Rewind. You had sex with Beckett! Whoo-hoo! High-five!” Ashlyn holds her palm up to me, but I ignore her. I don’t give high-fives, and I certainly don’t give high-fives about my sex life.
Aspen slaps her hand against Ashlyn’s. “This is awesome. My job here is done.”
“Does this mean I have to move?” Ellery asks from the sofa where she’s now laying down. “I never realized how comfortable Lilac’s couch is.”
“Of course, we’re not leaving. Lilac had sex with Beckett and now she’s avoiding him. She needs our help,” Juniper says.
Aspen rubs her hands together. “This is my favorite part.”
“Your favorite part of what?”
She rolls her eyes. “The mating process, of course.”
“The mating process? You make Lilac sound like a praying mantis luring Beckett in with her pheromones,” Juniper says.
“Of course, she’s not a praying mantis. She’s not going to bite his head off,” Aspen says.
“Not all males get their heads bit off. Some get away uninjured, although males do make up sixty percent of the female diet during mating season.”
“Thank you, animal freak,” Aspen says before turning to me. “What’s wrong? Was Beckett not good in bed?”
“Rowan’s awesome in bed. He does this thing with his tongue—”
Juniper groans. “Ugh! No, I don’t want to hear about my baby sister and her husband having sex.”
Ashlyn sticks her tongue out at her. “You’re a few months older than me. I don’t know why you insist on calling me the baby sister.”
“I’m more than a year older than you. And you’re the youngest, which is the very definition of baby sister.”
“No, I’m the youngest of the family. I’m not a baby.”
“Enough!” Ellery yells. “We’re not here to discuss the proper terminology for the youngest child of the family.”
“Someone’s grumpy,” Ashlyn sings.
“Someone hasn’t had an uninterrupted night of sleep since Willow was born.”
Ashlyn sighs. “I can’t wait.”
Aspen ignores Ashlyn and steps close to me. “What happened? Do you want to talk about it? Did he ask you to do things you’re uncomfortable with?”
Does she think Beckett forced himself on me? Regardless of my feelings for the man, I can’t allow her to have any misconceptions about him. “Beckett would never ask me to perform a sex act I’m uncomfortable with.”
She throws her arms in the air. “I give up. I don’t understand the problem.”