Only Forever

Page 47

I place my hands on her ass and lift until she gets the hint and hops into my arms. Her legs wrap around my waist, and I walk forward until I can press her against the glass window.
As I plunder her mouth, I thrust my covered cock into her center. She rubs herself against me until I feel pre-cum leaking out of the tip of my cock. I need to stop before I come in my pants like a damn teenager, but I can’t seem to.
I use my hold on her ass to lift her up and down against my cock until she rips her mouth from mine and shouts, “Yes! Yes, Beckett.”
I grit my teeth and count backward from one hundred as she comes again to stop myself from joining her. My balls draw up and my spine tingles, but she slows her movements before I can shoot off into my pants.
“That’s two,” I mutter when her gaze meets mine.
“Yes, I’m aware. And I can count.”
“Can you count to three?”
Her brow wrinkles. “Of course, I can count to three.”
I tweak her nose. “I was teasing.”
“I meant do you want to try for three?”
“Do or do not. There is no try.”
I freeze. “Did you just quote Yoda to me?”
She shrugs. “Star Wars is a good movie.”
“Because Star Wars rocks.” I kiss her nose. “Any other movie franchises you want to discuss before we begin the next portion of our evening?”
“It depends on what the next portion of the evening entails.”
I bend over to whisper in her ear. “It involves me using my cock to make you come for a third time.”
Goosebumps break out over her skin, and she shivers in my arms. “In that case, I’m amenable to moving forward and skipping a movie discussion.”
“I thought you would be.”
I whirl around and step toward the bed before dumping her on it. She bounces and her breasts jiggle as she giggles.
I pounce on her. “Are you laughing at me?”
She brushes the hair out of my face with a tender look on her face. With a start, I realize I want to see this look on her face every day for the rest of my life. I push those thoughts out of my mind. I have other things to concentrate on with a naked Lilac writhing beneath me.
“I would never laugh at you.” She winks and my heart squeezes. There she is. The sweet woman I knew was hiding beneath the prickly exterior.
I pin her arms above her head and thrust my still clothed cock into her. She widens her legs and I settle my hips between them.
I thrust into her once again and she moans as her back arches. Her breasts jut out and I can’t resist the temptation. I latch onto one and suck until the nipple is a hard pebble. Then, I switch to the other one.
Lilac squirms underneath me. “I thought we agreed on no teasing.”
I nibble at her nipple with my teeth, and she groans. “I agreed to no such thing.”
She pulls at the hold of my arms until I release her. As soon as her hands are free, she reaches for the hem of my shirt.
“You can’t have a third act while you’re clothed.”
“You can’t? Challenge accepted.”