Only Forever

Page 46

Chapter 16
Slow and steady – supposedly wins the race but no one is certain as to why
Irun my hands up Lilac’s silky smooth legs.
“You have the softest skin I’ve ever felt,” I say as I watch goosebumps erupt on her skin.
“Thank you. I use a biological honey-based lotion. I can bring you a bottle of it if you want it.”
I kiss the spot above her navel. “Is that why your skin always smells of honey?”
“I assume so. A human body doesn’t usually produce a flower-like smell of its own accord.”
I trace my fingers along the underside of her breasts. “If anyone could produce the smell, it’d be you.”
She threads her fingers through my hair. “Are you going to talk all night or are we going to have sex?”
“What’s your hurry? We have all night.”
She presses my head down toward her center. “I’m not in a hurry. I’m impatient after you drove me crazy all day.” She pushes on my head again.
I gaze up at her. “Is there something you want?”
“Yes,” she huffs. “I want you to use your mouth on me.”
I debate asking her where she wants me to use her mouth, but I have a feeling teasing won’t work on Lilac.
“How’s this?” I ask and place an open-mouthed kiss along the satin of her pajamas.
She growls in frustration. “Remove my shorts.”
I bristle at the order. I prefer to be in charge in the bedroom, but I follow her order – sort of. I remove her satin shorts leaving her underwear on.
“How’s this?” I ask as I run my finger along the elastic band of her panties.
She growls in frustration. “You deliberately misunderstood me.”
I place a kiss against her inner thigh to hide my smile. I nibble at the skin for a while before hooking my thumbs in the waistband of her panties and drawing them down her legs until she’s standing completely naked before me.
Finally. My cock jumps. He wants in her now. Too bad. He’s going to have to wait because I’m on a mission. By the time my cock enters her, Lilac won’t be giving me orders. No, she’ll be too swept up in what she’s feeling to remember to order me around.
“Open yourself to me. Put your leg on my shoulder.”
She doesn’t hesitate to follow my order and throws her leg over my shoulder. My mouth waters at the vision before me. My Lilac is finally where I want her to be. Ready to be pleasured by me.
I cup her ass checks and bring her center to my mouth. I latch onto her clit, and she moans. Her fingernails dig into my head and spur me on. While I suck on her, my fingers toy at her opening – not quite entering her.
Her moan becomes a growl. “Stop teasing me.”
I hum and shove two fingers inside her. I’m done teasing. As much as I’m enjoying her taste in my mouth, my cock is heavy and aching to join in the action. I curl my fingers and massage her inner walls. She uses her hold on my hair to ride my fingers until she’s moaning my name.
“Beckett!” she cries as her inner walls clench and she comes.
I slowly withdraw my fingers as her orgasm wanes. When her fingers unlatch from my hair, I pull away and place her foot back on the floor. Her legs tremble, and I hold onto her thighs until she’s steady on her feet.
When I stand, I notice her face is flushed, her eyes are unfocused, and there’s a line of sweat on her brow. She’s never looked more beautiful. Her lips are tipped up in a barely there smile and I can’t resist. I fist her hair and my lips crash onto hers. My tongue plunges into her mouth and she moans at the taste of herself.