Only Forever

Page 42

“There’s been a misunderstanding.”
“I didn’t misunderstand what I saw.”
“Can I continue?” I ask but don’t wait for his reply. “I didn’t realize you were using ‘sleep’ as a euphemism for sex. I am sometimes too literal in my interpretation of words and phrases and since we are talking about sleeping in the same bed, I assumed you meant sleep and not sex.”
He blows a breath of air, and his shoulders relax. “I should have been clearer.”
“It’s fine. It’s my fault for not asking for clarification.”
“To be perfectly clear, then, what you’re saying is you don’t sleep with men?”
“Correct. Sharing a bed with a man is too intimate.”
“Okay. I’ll sleep on the floor.”
“What? Why are you changing your mind now?”
“I just am.” He grasps my hand and leads me to the elevators. “Come on. Let’s get changed and order room service.”
“Room service is ridiculously priced. We can eat in the bar.”
“Good thing the boss is footing the bill.”
“True, but my boss is a stickler who reviews every single item on my expense claim.”
He screeches to a stop in the lobby of the hotel and grins down at me. “Lilac West, are you teasing me?”
I roll my eyes. “I do know how to tease someone. I did grow up with four sisters after all.”
“Tell me about it. I brought up my four sisters,” he grumbles as he resumes walking.
“And you did a remarkable job.” At least with regard to the three sisters I’ve met.
“Handing out compliments now, are you?”
He winks and those delicious tingles return along with a jolt of anticipation. I take a deep breath and ignore the desire to jump Beckett in the elevator. I don’t care how many romantic books Aspen makes me read. There is no way I’ll ever believe you can have any type of sexual encounter in an elevator without being caught.
I frown at those thoughts. I’m not having a sexual encounter with Beckett because he’s my boss and being with him risks my career. My decision has nothing to do with the likelihood of being spotted in an elevator with my pants down.
The elevator pings and the doors open. My shoulders fall in relief when I notice the crowd in the compartment. Beckett drops my hand and motions for me to go ahead. I scurry into the corner where there’s barely enough room for one person, let alone two.
He smirks and I realize staying overnight in a room with him could be the biggest mistake of my life, but what can I do? Sneak out in the middle of the night?
Sneaking out will not help with the performance of my presentation in the morning. I’ll have to figure out a way to put figurative space between us when the actual space is limited.