Only Forever

Page 36

Ashlyn lifts two fingers in the air. “Scout’s promise.”
“You were never a scout.”
“It’s not my fault they didn’t understand my vision.”
“Storming the police station is not a vision.”
“You stormed the police station?” I ask.
Ashlyn waves away my concern. “It was a misunderstanding.” She grasps Lilac’s shoulders and pushes her toward the line. “Do your best. I understand if you can’t beat my record.”
Lilac bristles. Her sister knows her well. She hates being told she isn’t good at something. I get in line behind her because I am not missing this.
As we wait, everyone in line has a turn at jumping as high as they can over the ‘bonfire’. Next to me, Lilac drums her fingers against her thigh. It’s her nervous tell. I want to grasp her hand and tell her it’s going to be fine, but I know my touch isn’t welcomed. Especially not when we’re in public.
I plan to change how Lilac feels, but first I have to figure out what she wants. Avoiding me because of an employee handbook is not an answer.
“You got this,” I tell her when she’s next. I take a chance and squeeze her shoulder in support.
“Okay. Okay. I can do this,” she mutters to herself.
She backs up several steps before sprinting toward the hay pile. A foot in front of the pile, she trips and flies through the air before landing on top of the hay.
I rush forward to ensure she isn’t injured. When I reach her, she smiles up at me with hay in her hair and giggles. “I fell.”
Trouble. It’s the one and only word I can think of as I stare down at her smiling face.
I’m in trouble. I thought I was in trouble with Lilac the hard working professional. I was wrong. Lilac the woman who will make a fool out of herself for her family is the real trouble. Good thing I enjoy trouble.