Only Forever

Page 32

The barely there smile becomes a full blown one. “Only you would remain calm and have a reasonable explanation for getting stuck on the roof.”
“Because there is a reasonable explanation.”
He grasps my elbow and leads me into the elevator. “We’ll tell the client you were examining the energy efficiency of the glass roof.”
“You want me to lie? I don’t lie.”
“You can’t tell me your humongous brain didn’t review the skylights the second you saw them.”
Of course, I did but, “If you’re trying to say a humongous brain is a compliment, you should know brain size only weakly correlates with intelligence. Brain size accounts for—”
“We’re here,” he cuts me off as he opens the door to the conference room. “Good news. I found our environmental engineer. She was on the roof analyzing your skylights.”
He winks at me before introducing me around. I stare after him. Do I thank him for saving me from a potentially embarrassing situation? Embarrassing situations don’t phase me, but he was trying to be helpful, which means I have to thank him. I think.
Human relationships are confusing. Especially when the relationship is with a boss who kisses you and refuses to pretend said kiss didn’t happen.