Only Forever

Page 26

Chapter 10
Literal – the use of words in a basic sense without exaggeration to indicate you’re not messing around
Iswallow my sigh when I open the door to find my sisters in my hallway.
“What are you doing here?”
Aspen pushes her way past me. “I’ve got news.”
“It’s good.” Ashlyn winks as she passes me.
I raise an eyebrow in question at Ellery and she pats my shoulder. “Don’t ask me. My sole purpose in being here is to get a night off of baby duty.”
Juniper rolls her eyes. “She’s full of it. She already messaged Cole twice to check on Willow.”
“I thought I was meeting you at the bar,” I say.
Aspen wags her finger at me. “Don’t think I don’t know you were planning on ditching us.”
“I wouldn’t say ditching.”
And I wouldn’t. I don’t use the term ditching. It’s juvenile. But I can admit – if only to myself – I was not planning on joining them at the bar.
I barely survived book club without admitting I kissed Beckett. A night with alcohol involved is a bad idea. Besides, I have entirely too much work to finish. I glance at my dining room table where my laptop is open.
Ashlyn marches to my table and slams my computer shut. “There!”
“What are you doing?”
“Proving my hypothesis.”
“What hypothesis?”
“Lilac Bean West is obsessed with work.”
“Why am I getting the middle name treatment? And saying I’m obsessed with work is not a proper hypothesis. A hypothesis is about a relationship between two or more variables. It should be a specific and testable prediction of what will happen in a particular situation. You have no variables.”
“I tried,” Ashlyn mutters before collapsing on my couch. “Someone else is up to bat.”
“I thought Aspen had news,” I say before someone else can go ‘up to bat’. I’m unsure what ‘up to bat’ means and I have no intention of finding out.
Aspen grins. “I do have news,” she announces.
I wait a few seconds for her to continue, but when she doesn’t, I ask, “Which is?”
“I’m getting married!”
“I’m confused. Why is this news? You’ve been engaged since September of last year.”
“She means she set the date,” Juniper explains. “Did you know this plant is sick? There are powdery blotches on the leaves.”
“I am aware. You’re not the only one with a master’s degree in Biology.”
Ashlyn groans. “Please tell me they’re not going to geek out over plants now.”
“I don’t geek out of plants,” Juniper claims.
“Uh-huh.” Ashlyn rolls her eyes. “You leave the geeking out to your animals.”