A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1216

Cordy felt a little bad seeing the sad puppy look on Zoe's face, especially since she knew Zoe meant
no harm.

"I'm not upset."

"Okay.I'll be more careful next time," Zoe assured her again.


With that, she got changed and stepped out of the changing room.

John had already done the same, while Jay asked her, "Are you leaving?"

"Yeah.There's still work waiting at the office."

"Sorry for dragging you out here."

"It's alright."

Cordy smiled faintly.

"Zoe is still trying on another dress, so wait a moment."

"Okay," Jay nodded.

Cordy started outside the boutique without another word when she realized John was following her.She
frowned, but did not ask.

Then, as she entered the elevator, she watched as John entered too, saying, "I have to go since
something came up too.I'd be bothering them trying out their dresses anyway."

"Yeah," Cordy could understand, since his bride had left already as well.

However, she remembered Wendy again and sighed heavily.

Giving in, she asked, "Don't you think Wendy's behavior has been strange?"


"She's always leaving even when she's doing something important.Is that just a coincidence?"

"I mean, no one can expect a traffic accident," John said flatly.

"But she's always leaving alone but not letting you go with her," Cordy pointed out.

"That's her alright, always doing things quickly and on a whim.Also, I can't really socialize with her
friends—they're young and a little too immature for their own good."

Corddy pursed her lips—John was being open-minded, and she had no way of waking up someone

Soon, the elevator arrived at the parking lot, and while Cordy made her way toward her car, John
asked, "Are you going back to your office, Cordy?"


"Then do you mind giving me a ride? Wendy took my car."

Cordy was speechless, though John pressed, "Please.I'm going back to Levine Manor, so it's along the

She had no excuse to reject him at that point.

Along the way, John suddenly said, "Thanks for today."

"For what?"

"Trying out the bridal gown."

Cordy pursed her lips—she would rather not have mentioned it at all.

"It's nothing."

"Lunch is on me,"

John suddenly added.

Cordy did a double take, and she thought she was hearing things just then.

Did John just ask her out for lunch? He then pointed out, "Whatever happens, you're still Dicky's
mommy and we really shouldn't be so distant.And it just happens to be lunch hour."

Still, Cordy refused.

"I have a meeting in the afternoon to prepare for."

"Oh, okay."

John did not press her, though Cordy somehow sensed a tinge of disappointment.She pretended not to

He was going to marry someone else soon, and she should not allow herself to be affected by
unnecessary emotions.

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