A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1210

“Yeah.” Cordy agreed. “Serves him right.”

“And that means you can just leave him be.” Zoe gave her verdict then.

Cordy was naturally taken aback. “What?!”

“I said, just leave him be,” Zoe said very calmly. “It’s his own business if he’s being deceived by a
woman, and he refused to listen when you told him. What more can you do?”

However, that did not sit right with Cordy at all!

It was fine if Cordy herself did not keep trying to reason with John, since he refused to listen when she
did. Moreover, it was inappropriate considering the complicated relationship between them.

But Zoe was different—she was supposed to be John’s relative, and she was just going to do nothing
while John was being deceived by a woman?

“Shouldn’t you at least tell him?” Cordy could not help asking.

“Why should I? It’s everything I ever dreamed of,” Zoe said very calmly before going on a rant with
rising indignation. “It’s his own fault for changing heart so quickly, falling for another woman at the drop
of a hat. I thought he would be coming after you with everything he had after Patrick left you at the
altar, only for him to get it on with another woman! Men really are pigs!”

Cordy was actually left speechless, while Zoe only spiraled further out of control. “Oh, forget him—it
pisses me off to even talk about him. Let them marry, and he’d get cucked to kingdom come after that.
It feels cathartic to even think about it.”

“Jokes aside, he’s still your cousin. You really should talk to him,” Cordy remained rational.

“Why do you care? He certainly doesn’t care about you! Aren’t you being too kind for your own good,
Cordy?!” Zoe exclaimed.

“I’m just virtuous.” Cordy excused herself.

“Wait, are you sure you’re not…” Zoe suddenly trailed off.

“No!” Cordy knew what she was suggesting, however, and denied it right away.

“Then why would you care so much?”

“Like I said, I’m just virtuous,” Cordy told Zoe. “I just can’t stand seeing something like that happen
under my watch. It would have been fine if I never witnessed it, since I don’t have time or effort to spare
to find out—but I saw it, and therefore I can’t do anything.”

“Alright, I believe you, but…” Zoe trailed off, before adding determinedly, “I won’t be happy with anyone
else ending up together with John except you. And I won’t ever change that opinion.”

“Then I’m going to disappoint you, I’m afraid,” Cordy said resolutely.

Zoe sighed. “Fair enough. I’m hanging up now—I need to sleep off my hangover.”

“Yeah,” Cordy replied and put down her phone.

She had to admit that her emotions were ruffled just then, and it was not as if she did not know why…

Still, she could pretend she was just miffed that she was being doubted!

Throughout the next month, Cordy spent most of her time at work, having no mood to care about
anything else.

She never saw John again or heard anything from them.

In fact, John did not even come over to take Richard over to Levine Manor, and she had no idea what
he was busy with.

That was until one night when Cordy got home to have dinner with Richard read only on
ninjanovel.com, and he casually mentioned that his daddy was going to marry Wendy.

Cordy stared at Richard, stunned.

Nonetheless, the boy said seriously, “They already decided on a day next month, so they’re very busy
since they are preparing for the wedding right now. Grandaunt Nancy said Daddy’s pulling all the stops
for the wedding as well, so it’s not surprising that he did not take me to Levine Manor lately.”

There was a slight disappointment in his little voice, though Cordy was a little annoyed to hear it as

She really did not expect John to marry Wendy so quickly, after all.

She thought that even if he refused to take her advice, he would at least have been wary, even
thoughtful, when he made his decision.

Did he have that much faith in Wendy?!

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