A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1201

It took Cordy and Richard great effort to finally move John to a room.

Just as they put him on the bed, Richard suddenly exclaimed, “Whoops.”

“What’s wrong?” Cordy asked, seeing the anxiety on his face just then.

“I have to submit the vlog tomorrow, but it’s already very late and I haven’t edited anything.” Richard
looked very worried.

“You can go do it now,” Cordy told him.

“But Daddy is drunk. Someone needs to take care of him,” Richard said, clearly in a dilemma.

However, he was also obviously staring at Cordy, clearly wanting her to help.

Cordy sighed—she had to spoil her own son.

“Yeah, I’ll take care of him.”

“Thanks, Mommy. You’re the best!” Richard exclaimed with visible joy.

But as Cordy watched him leave, she sighed, somehow feeling like she had fallen for a trap.

Still, she got up and helped John out of his jacket and socks, after which she went to the washroom
and wet a hot towel for him, wiping his cheek bit by bit while complaining to herself inwardly—who was
John to her, and why should she be helping him so much like this?!

Most importantly, she was not the one who got him drunk, and there was also no reason for him to get

And aside from her complaint, she also remembered Wendy.

Right now, she was not quite sure what Wendy was actually up to.

Was she really messing around with other men?

Cordy stared at John’s handsome face and sighed.

To think that the day had come when a young woman had him wrapped around her little finger, even
with those good looks that bewitched scores of women in life.

Still, whether it was out of altruism or something else, Cordy was dutiful in her face for John—not only
did she wipe his cheeks, but she also took off his shirt and wiped his body.

It was supposed to be perfectly normal care for a drunk person, but Cordy suddenly noticed something
unusual as she wiped John’s body…

His heart rate seemed to be racing more than usual, and she thought she could hear it pounding loudly.

Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump…

Could it be an allergic reaction to alcohol causing a blockage in his veins?!

Cordy quickly moved closer to his chest and felt his heart pounding even harder from there!

Looking up at John, she shouted at him, “Wake up, John! Are you alright?! Is your heart having issues?
Should I get an ambulance?”

John struggled to open his eyes.

His gaze was unfocused, and he appeared incoherent.

Cordy thought that he was in danger and quickly got up to call an ambulance.

However, just as she was about to move, John caught her and suddenly pulled her into his arms.

Cordy yelped and started to flail around in his embrace.

“Let me go, John! I have to get you to the hospital!” she cried.

“But I’m fine…” he mumbled softly, and there seemed to be an indescribable melancholy in his voice.

“You’re fine? Your heart is pounding like a race car!” Cordy snapped, skeptical. “Let go of me. I need to
get you to a doctor.”

“Don’t move. I’ll be fine after I calm down,” John said, clearly panting.

Cordy frowned. “Are you sure you don’t need the hospital?”

“Yeah,” John replied and tightened his arms around her.

She could feel his warm breath beside her ear, and he seemed to be adjusting his heart rate with each
puff of breath.

Cordy gradually felt his heart rate slowing down, and his entire being seemed to be calming down as

Eventually, he released her, and she promptly got out of his embrace.

John seemed to become lucid just then as well. “Sorry, I didn’t realize I was asleep…”

Cordy pursed her lips—it might have been better to let him pass out on the couch.

Now that he was awake and topless, it only made her a little awkward.

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