A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1192

Before Cordy could speak, Zoe was already excited and asked, "Is John impotent?"

Cordy was speechless.

Did Zoe really just ask John's ex—right in front of John's current girlfriend—about how he was in bed?!
She thought to herself then that Jay had really been pampering Zoe to no end.

"Shouldn't you ask Wendy about that instead?" she asked.

Zoe came to her senses and turned toward Wendy.

"Of course we are compatible." Wendy smiled gingerly.

"I mean...John is such a stud."

Zoe was actually a little embarrassed just then.

The young really did not watch their language these days, did they? She then turned to find Cordy
looking perfectly calm.

"Sorry, I need the ladies’ room."

Wendy excused herself right then, worried that the topic was spiraling out of control.

After she left, Zoe kept staring at Cordy.

Cordy was speechless again.

"What are you staring at me for?"

"No, I wasn't." Zoe denied it.

"I just thought it’s nice being young."

Cordy knew that Zoe was deliberately messing with her, but she was still young.

After all, all men were loyal...as long as their partners stayed in their twenties! "It's late now.I should go
—Dicky still has to go to school tomorrow," Cordy said, checking the time.

"You should talk to Yelena."


Zoe was reluctant to see Cordy go, but school was important. Still, it took her a while to coax Yelena
back to her room and take a shower.

Cordy left with Richard, but just as they were about to get in the elevator, John and Wendy followed.

Cordy had thought John was going to keep talking with Jay for a while.

"Daddy, are you free this weekend?" Richard asked.

"Why?" Richard's voice became a little quiet.

"My school has a vlog project, and we're supposed to film our family for a day.I don't want anyone to
find out I'm from a single family..."

"I'll make time." John agreed immediately.

"Mommy, can you let Daddy in the house for a day?" Richard asked Cordy then.

"I see no issue," Cordy said generously.

"I'm just not sure if Wendy would agree to it..."

"Oh, of course I'll say yes.Children’s homework always takes priority," Wendy said.

"I mean, I don't mind showing up although I'm a lot less photogenic."

While Cordy pursed her lips, Richard seemed not to notice her reaction and quickly said, "Thank you,

"Oh, we're family.Don't get so polite now," Wendy said, patting Richard's handsome head just then.

Richard did not seem averse to her touch, and Cordy had to avert her eyes.She must not be petty—
she had already failed to give Richard a complete family, but she could do well not to make him feel

Soon, the elevator arrived downstairs.

Richard got into Cordy's car, while John left with Wendy. It was very obvious that he was distant toward
Cordy now.


Cordy, however, did not care much about that—still, something else weighed down on her mind.

As she drove, she tried to ask as uninterestedly as she could, "Wendy seems to be a good person."

"She really is," Richard quickly said, his expression becoming animated right then.

"She'd always play with me whenever I head to Levine Manor with Daddy.We'd play video games and
Lego, and she even takes me to amusement parks.I think she has even more fun than I do then."

"Do you like her?" Cordy asked.

Richard was sharp enough to notice it and told her, "I just think she's nice, Mommy. I still love you the

However, most people would only say something like that when they had completely accepted their

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