A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1198

Wendy continued, "Oh, stop teasing me.John is handsome and great in every way, and I'm lucky to
have him, but I can't help it, y'know? My preference for freshness and excitement is inborn.There's no
stopping me."

"Oh, don't give me that crap.I'll try to slip out later—I won't miss out on such a stud."

Wendy kept chatting for a while, laughing mischievously from time to time.

Cordy avoided her in turn and headed out to the back garden, where she found John and Richard
setting up the barbecue set.

The back garden had also been decorated elaborately to look romantic and homely.

Richard eagerly called out to her, "Mommy! You're finished with work? Daddy and I have prepared
dinner—it's almost done now.I was just going to get you."

"Yeah, I'm finished with work," Cordy replied and walked up to them.

John was focused on preparing the food, while Cordy could not resist sliding several glances at
him.Richard laughed just then.

"Mommy, why are you staring at Daddy? Do you find him handsome?"

At those words, John looked up and just happened to lock eyes with Cordy.She promptly turned away,
her heart raising as if guilty.However, she subtly took a few deep breaths—what was she panicking
about? She was not cheating on anyone! Just then, Wendy stepped out of the mansion and asked with
a smile, "Is dinner ready?"

"Yeah, Wendy," Richard replied.

"Oh, it looks so appetizing," Wendy exclaimed dramatically in front of the meat.

"I'm drooling.You're such an amazing genius, Johnny." As she spoke, she leaned against his arm,
brushing her cheek against it like a spoiled child.

John flashed a tender smile.

"As long as you like it."

"I love it."

"Good.Now sit before you eat," John beckoned.

Cordy and Richard sat down, occupying each side of the rectangular table, while John sat with Wendy.

Wendy was certainly being intimate with John.

This Wendy was certainly innocent and adorable, a far cry from the woman who was talking over the
phone just now, mouthing all sorts of obscenities...It was certainly weighing down on Cordy's mind, and
none of the grilled meat seemed particularly appealing because of that.

"Is it not good?" John suddenly asked Cordy. She did a double take, before realizing that she was not
really touching the chunks of meat in her plate.

"No," she shook her head.

"I think I might've had too many cakes and pies in the afternoon."

"But I ate a lot in the afternoon too, and I'm still famished.John's meat is really incomparable!"

Wendy exclaimed in satisfaction, and pointed at a steak on the grill.

"Johnny, I want that too."

John got up and took it for her, putting it in her plate and slicing it into small bite-sized pieces for her

"Oh, you're wonderful, Johnny," Wendy exclaimed in bliss.

"What have I done to deserve you?" John smiled mildly.

"Hurry up and eat already.It'd be bad if it gets cold."

Cordy stared at the look of tenderness on John’s face just then but decided to bear with it and averted
her eyes.

Halfway through dinner, however, Wendy left the table to take a call.

When she returned, she said, "Johnny, my friend just got dumped and she's throwing a fit.I'm really
worried something might happen to her—I think I should check on her."

"What, right now?" John asked.


"Alright.I'll take you there."

"No, it's fine."

Wendy quickly rejected his offer.

"You've been busy with the grill and hadn't eaten at all, and you can't drive since you've drunk a little.
Just ask your chauffeur to give me a ride, and make sure to eat some more—you know I wouldn't be
able to bear seeing you get skinny."

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