A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1186

John’s blind date laughed. “Well, I’ve never failed thus far.”

“By the way, are you really not going to settle down?” her friend asked, her tone turning slightly serious.
“It’s just been one blind date after another—are you really just going to play around like that?”

“Settle down? I’m only twenty-four! That’d be a waste of my youth. And you know that I won’t ever get
my parents to shut up unless I attend these blind dates. And what’s the harm when I might find some
top-quality stud while I do?”

“Older men are not that playful, y’know,” her friend warned. “He might want you to take responsibility.”

“Don’t worry—I’m a veteran,” John’s blind dates said nonchalantly. “That said, I don’t mind hanging
around to play a bit more with this one. You have no idea, but he’s the best-looking one I’ve had yet.
He’d even give movie stars a run for their money.”


“I’ll send a photo over later.”

“In bed, I hope.” Her friend laughed.

“I’ll do my best.” John’s blind date did not reject the idea.

“You better do, sister.”

“Don’t worry—I change lovers, not besties. You can pickup what’s left after I’m done.”

“That’s a deal.”

The two women spoke a lot more after that, and it was not until John’s blind date hung up that she
noticed Cordy standing beside her.

She did a double take, finding Cordy a little familiar just then.

And it was only natural to take a second look at another woman that was gorgeous—out of an
instinctive competitiveness between females and not attraction.

She then remembered that Cordy was sitting at the next table with her son, who appeared around ten.

‘What a shame, wasting her youth like that.’

Still, she greeted Cordy. “What a coincidence.”

“Yeah,” Cordy replied.

“You’re married quite young.”

“I’m not actually married.”

“Then, domestic partnership?”


“Divorcee, then.”

Cordy had no idea what to say to that.

“Well, I feel for you. Having a child at such a young age is a little regrettable,” John’s blind date said.
“You should’ve enjoyed yourself a few more years, then understand the pleasures of life.”

Cordy remained silent, since everyone had their own opinions on how to live life.

Moreover, John’s blind date was at the fickle phase of twenty-four, so she had no input in mind for that.

As for John’s blind date, she fixed her makeup and left nonchalantly despite what she said.

And as she returned to the table, she was once again docile around John—a far cry from the wildcat
speaking over the phone in the washroom just now.

Cordy returned to her table as well, and seeing that Richard had almost finished his food, she asked,
“Shall we head home?”

“Yeah.” Richard nodded, and Cordy asked the waiter for the check.

That was when Richard got up and walked up to John’s table, speaking clearly and audibly, “Mommy
and I are heading home now, Daddy.”

The woman was charmingly sipping on her fruit, and she spat it out right away when she heard

John and Richard were both left staring at her, and Cordy actually felt second-hand embarrassment
even as she looked on.

Still, John’s blind date quickly wiped her lips, staring fixedly at John and then at Richard…

And finally, Cordy.

The awkwardness showed obviously on her face as she said nervously, “Y-You’re married… but you
still came on a blind date?”

“I’m not married. I’m actually single, although I do have a kid,” John explained.

“B-But…” John’s blind date could not manage another word.

Cordy promptly beckoned at Richard in turn. “Time to go, Dicky.”

Richard returned to her side, but before they left, Cordy turned and said, “He’s really single—there’s
nothing between us, so you don’t have to feel burdened about us.”

And with that, she left with Richard, leaving John and his blind date staring at each other.

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