A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1188

Cordy was actually confident.

Having built a partnership with Gareth Bryant, he naturally had to defer to her. As such, he was
basically going through the motions when he showed up here.

Moreover, she had looked into the competition as well, but the only side that might compete was
Gareth, and no one else had any chance of winning.

That was why her confidence showed during her presentation.

Two hours later, after everyone presented their proposals, the results were announced on the spot.

To no surprise, Cordy retained the best spot in KPW Shopping Center, extending the contract for ten
years this time.

That basically meant she did not have to worry about her flagship outlet in the immediate future.

Still, John politely offered a handshake after agreeing to the partnership. “Congratulations, Ms. Sachs.
Here’s to a fruitful partnership.”

Cordy merely stared at his hand hesitantly and did not take it.

John did not seem to feel embarrassed by that and simply lowered his hand.

Nodding instead as a way of greeting, he promptly turned and left.

Cordy watched as he did, able to feel how distant John was toward her.

And after he left, the other business owners also filed out of the meeting room.

That was when Cordy heard someone joking, “Your CEO’s really busy, Martin—he came late and left
as soon as he could…”

“Well, he has really been busy lately, but today…” Randy smiled meaningfully.

“Don’t tell me. Are those wedding bells I’m hearing? Though I heard through the grapevine that he’s
been single for years…”

“I guess,” Randy said, lowering his voice mysteriously. “His girlfriend came early in the morning to see
him, and she’s still waiting in his office now…”

Everyone else realized with a start. “Oh. Well, no surprises there.”

“So, I would ask everyone to be a little understanding,” Randy said, quickly defending John just then.
“It’s been a while since he was dating, but he still has a lot of work to do every day… so, unfortunately,
the only place he can do anything is in the office.”

“Understandable. Just don’t forget to send us an invitation to the wedding…”

“That’s a promise.”

Cordy was among the crowd as they left the building, chatting openly about John’s personal life.

So, in the end, John ended up hooking up with his blind date.

And here she thought…

To be fair, everyone has different tastes, and John probably had no idea what that blind date of his was
going for.

And in the end, his blind date was young and beautiful.

Cordy returned to her car and headed back to her office.

Although Robin was giving a report along the way, he noticed that she was clearly not paying attention
and called out, “Ms. Sachs?”

Cordy came to her senses and smiled apologetically, “Sorry, I think I worked a little late last night, so
I’m a little tired. If you don’t mind, report to me again when we’re back in the office. I’ll sleep a wink for
the time being.”

“Of course. Don’t let me keep you up, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy nodded, closed her eyes, and reclined against her seat.

However, all she could see was John and his blind date, and all she heard was that woman’s
conversation with her friend over the phone…

Cordy took a deep breath and told herself not to get affected by John.

It was normal for him to have his own private life, and he deserved it if he allowed himself to be

Suddenly her phone started ringing.

Cordy glanced at the screen before answering. “Zoe.”

“Are you free tonight? You should come have dinner at my place.”

“Is there a special occasion?”

“Not really. I just missed you—it’s been awhile, and I have no idea what you’ve been up to.”

“Are you sure we should eat at your place?”

“I mean, Jay has a limp. It’s inconvenient for him to go outside.”

Cordy was speechless—Zoe really showed no regard for Jay’s feelings!

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