A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1158

Cordy looked like she was ready to vent all the grief she had been holding in for a while now.

Zoe worriedly tug at Quinn’s sleeve in turn. “What do we do? Do we help?”

‘ Help? But who do we help?” Quinn asked.

The question left Zoe stumped-she certainly had no idea.

They would just have to wait and see…

’I’ll hate you for the rest of my life, John!” Cordy screamed as she glared at him, her eyes turning red
right then!

“Can’t you wait just for a minute? Are you really that eager to marry Patrick?!” John was furious too.

“Yes! I won’t even wait for one second!” Cordy snapped bluntly.

As a vein bulged over John’s temples, Zoe felt like he was really going to hit someone.

What should she do? Call the cops?

But that would mean calling the cops on her own family, no?!

Nonetheless, while she was left in a dilemma, John suddenly let go of Cordy.

Cordy in turn did not wait a second and turned to leave—she was short on time, and she would never
miss out on the most important day of her life.

John watched as she left, the rage in his eyes all too obvious.

At the same time, Gordy’s staff, who had been left stunned by the tussle, quickly came to their senses
and chased after her.

Zoe walked up to John, shooting him a look of disappointment while snapping, “Why can’t you be a
little more honest?!”

And with that, she went after Cordy too.

The emcee for the wedding was already livening up the atmosphere at the banquet hall when Cordy
arrived, and Patrick stood at the entrance looking handsome and dashing.

Cordy took a deep breath, doing her best to calm down before heading on stage as well.

She did not invite Simon Sachs, so she would just walk down the aisle with Patrick, hand in hand.

She heaved a deep sigh of relief as she saw Patrick grinning in bliss—it was fortunate that she did not
miss it.

She did not want to disappoint him, after all.

However, she could not resist looking around either.

Was Nana really there at her wedding?!

Even though she knew she should not doubt John, she seemed inclined to thwart him-perhaps spurred
by all her pent-up spite.

But she was already here, and she therefore refused to ruin the wedding.

She turned away and held her gaze firmly against Patrick’s.

He was going to be her happiness from the remainder of her days.

Meanwhile, at a corner of the hall, John was restraining himself so much his fingers were shaking as he
called Sean. “Have you found her yet?”

‘ No,” Sean replied with an urgency in his tone. “I’ve mobilized every security personnel, but we have

John knew it would not be that easy either.

Their hands were already tied since they could not cause a panic, and to make things worse, the
banquet hall was kept dimly lit to liven up the festivities.

Nana could be hiding anywhere!

Sean apparently saw Cordy just then. “Wait, she’s carrying on with the wedding?”

“Yeah. She insisted,” John admitted.

Sean did not respond-even he could not bring himself to ruin the heartwarming scene.

“Just keep your eyes peeled around you,” he said. “It’s just Nana. It won’t be much of an issue.”

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