A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1148

“When did I say I got weary of you? I was talking about this affair. What you did wasn’t very
appropriate. You know that Cordy…” “Fine! Let’s get a divorce!” Zoe said angrily.


“Look! You’re so fierce to me! As expected, all men are alike. They won’t cherish you once they get
you. Will you do what you did back then? You got together with another woman after kissing me!”

“Didn’t I explain that to you? It was because I suddenly learned about our relationship…”

“It’s just an excuse!” Zoe refused to listen. “Jay, I saw through you. Let’s get a divorce now!”

“Shut up, Zoe. If you dare to say that again, I’ll… I’ll…”

“Do you want to abuse me physically? Well, I’ll report you to the police if you abuse me. I’ll expose your
sins on the Internet, so you won’t be able to survive in the entertainment circle… Hmm!” Zoe widened
her eyes.

Jay! That b*stard! How could he kiss her in front of someone else?

John was still around.

She twisted her body to resist Jay, but he used a greater force as she struggled more, grabbing her
tightly and prohibiting her from moving.

Hmm… Hmm…

Jay was not gentle at all, so grievances washed over Zoe.

On the other hand, John put the glass down and left quietly.

He was in such deep grief, but he was forced to suffer through their lovey- dovey moment…

It seemed like he was the only unhappy person in the whole world.

Consequently, Zoe’s lips became swollen from Jay’s kisses.

“Do you still want to talk about divorce?” Jay threatened her.

Zoe remained quiet because she did not dare to do so, afraid that he would bite her hard if she said
anything more about that.

Although she felt slightly aggrieved, inexplicable sweetness overcame her.

Was Jay filled with a deep fear that she might give him up…

“D*mn!” Zoe suddenly regained her wits. “Where is John? Where did he go?”

She only realized then that they were the only ones left in the private room.

Jay pulled Zoe over and placed her on his lap. “He’s long gone.”

“Why didn’t you stop him?” Zoe was at a loss for words.

“Do you want him to see us do it on the spot?”

‘Jay, you’ve changed!

‘You’ve become glib-tongued!’

He did not exercise his self-restraint at all.

“Leave him alone. He’ll feel sadder if we try and console him now.” Jay sighed. “No one can help him.
He can only figure it out himself/

“I always feel that he can have whatever he wants. He was superior to others from when he was born,
but he suffered a loss in Cordy’s hands!

Well, we’re all fools of our destinies.’

“It’s getting late. Let’s go home and rest. Don’t you want to look pretty tomorrow?”

“It isn’t John’s wedding. So, what’s the big deal of me being pretty?” Zoe muttered.

Jay felt sorry too, but he could only accept it since things had turned out this way.

The night was hazy.

While Quinn was driving Cordy home, both of them remained silent for a long while.

Quinn took a deep breath. She finally could not hold herself back. “Cordy, you can still go back on your

Cordy’s eyes flickered.

She turned her gaze from outside the window to Quinn.

“I don’t know what happened between you and John, but I feel that you guys still love each other. His
love for you remains the same, and you’ve been suppressing your feelings for him all this while…”

“No, that isn’t true.” Cordy interrupted Quinn and uttered calmly, “I no longer feel anything for him.”

“Why are you so sad if you feel nothing for him?” Quinn sounded firm. “You cried so sad under John’s
body just now, and your gaze betrayed you now.

Cordy, one’s life isn’t long. Don’t be so hard on yourself over a few things.”

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