A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1143

Zoe gave him the address, so John drove over to pick her up.

There were indeed not many women who could make John put away his work.

When he reached the destination, he called Zoe.

"Come out.I'm waiting for you at the entrance." Zoe answered ina drunk manner, "Come in.I can't walk."

"Don't push your luck!"

"Room 808."

She abruptly hung up the call.

John took a deep breath.He would have pressed the gas pedal and left immediately if it were not for
Jay's sake.He then got out of the car and walked into the private room.

The door was pushed open, and he thought that it would be smoky and filled with loud music.

Based on Zoe's former character, all people in there would be drunk.

However, it was strangely quiet, with only three people staying together to drink wine.

There was no music in the private room, and it was brightly lit.So, he saw Cordy drinking and chatting
with Zoe and Quinn the minute he entered the room.

His appearance was quite abrupt, and while he was feeling awkward, Zoe immediately walked to the
door and held his hand.

"Bro, no.My nephew is here!"

Consequently, John became speechless and gloomy.

"Come in now."

Zoe had to drag him into the room before then pulling him to the sofa.

Ignoring the other two people and the fact that Cordy was in the limelight today, she forced John to sit
beside her.

"It's Cordy's bachelorette party today," Zoe announced excitedly.

"We're having a wonderful time.Drink with us."


John uttered as he gnashed his teeth.

If they were alone, he might have strangled her to death by now.

"Why are you so fierce toward me? I did this for you!" Zoe exclaimed angrily.

"Cordy is about to get married tomorrow, but you can't come to the wedding either.I'm letting you see
her tonight.Shouldn't you thank me?"

"Who told you I can't go?" John asked fiercely.

"Are you going to snatch the bride?"

Zoe became excited.

Quinn was struck speechless.

Did Zoe ignore the fact that Cordy was right beside them? Couldn't they whisper? ‘These cousins,
no...This aunt and her nephew should talk about that in private"

"I received an invitation," John explained honestly.

"Did you?"

Zoe was full of disbelief.She turned to look at Cordy.

"Didn't you tell me that you didn't invite him?"

Cordy frowned slightly.That was true.She found it unnecessary to invite him.

"It was Patrick who invited me," John explained.

Cordy pursed her lips.She was full of unspeakable feelings, but it did not affect her much.

Many people would attend the wedding, so it was fine if he came.He could even help take care of
Richard, as it was very possible that she could not take care of Richard when she got busy the next

"Patrick is so generous.Isn't he afraid that you would elope with his bride while he watched?" Zoe
asked agitatedly.

"Do you think everyone is as childish as you?" John said grumpily.

"We're actual adults, y'know."

"Didn't it ever occur to you?"Zoe did not believe him.

How much did John love Cordy, after all?

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