A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1142

Randy actually had a hunch, but there was no way he could hide it from John.

He certainly knew how things were between his boss and his lady...or Ms.Sachs now, given current

However, John was just gone for too long, and it was perfectly reasonable that Cordy had found
someone new.He looked on, watching as John opened the envelope anyway.

The wedding invitation was a fair whiteness, with a wedding photo of Cordy and Patrick attached.

They looked sweet and happy—a good match for one another.

John stared at the invitation for a long time, which only stated Patrick's name without Cordy.

The wedding would take place at noon on the eighteenth of May.

"Sir?" Randy called out to him again, concerned that he would be staring at the invitation for an entire
night—he would rather the man just go home and rest.

"Is that the weekend?" John asked, lowering the invitation and looking normal again.

"Yeah.It's a Saturday."

"Okay.Remember not to arrange any work for that day."

"Yes, Mr.Levine," Randy replied, wondering if that meant John would be personally attending the

"Let's go," John said and rose to leave, with Randy quickly following.

John was reclining against the backseat of the car, his expression cool, when the phone suddenly
started ringing.

John glanced at the screen and slowly answered, "Hello."

"I'm Patrick Stuart."

"I know."

"I heard you've been busy lately.Would I be imposing at this hour?" Patrick asked.

"I just left work."

"I see.Have you received the invitation?"

"Yes," John replied.

"I didn't do it to brag, and it's no act of provocation.I just think that I'd like you to attend my wedding with
Cordy as Dicky's father," Patrick said.

"Yeah, I'll be there."

John agreed to it right away before adding, "Congratulations."

"Thank you."

Patrick's tone was buoyed with cheer, and it was not difficult to pick up on his joy.

"Well, I shan't impose.See you there."


John hung up and sighed.

In the end, the day came anyway.

How was he supposed to escape it anyway?! In the evening of May eighteenth, John was working
overtime again when Zoe suddenly called him.

"What is it?" he asked, exceedingly casual as he always had been toward her.

"I'm your aunt, John Levine! Watch your language! Show some respect!" Zoe snapped loudly.

John frowned—she sounded drunk.

"Have you been drinking? "How'd you know?"

"Is Jay there?"

"Of course not.How would I enjoy myself if he were?"

Zoe laughed exaggeratedly when she was finished.

"Go home already!"

John snapped sternly.

"Watch your tone, John Levine! I'm your elder!"

"Where are you?"

"What, are you coming over?"

"I'll tell Jay to take you home."

"I refuse!" Zoe snapped resolutely.

"I'm not leaving until I have fun..."

"Zoe York!"

"Unless you come to pick me up,"

Zoe suddenly added.

John was glowering from impatience towards Zoe, but he relented in the end.

"Where are you?!"

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