A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1140

The wedding would be in two months.

Zoe had a feeling she could not quite describe as she browsed the photos Cordy sent, especially since
John was discussing rebuilding Levine Ventures with Jay in the house.

She mused if she should show John the photos and actually make him give up.

Judging from the current state of things, John really showed no intention of getting Cordy back. In fact,
he had put on his workaholic form again and completely focused on work.

She walked over and asked, “Want another coffee?”

John nodded and gently pushed his cup to the side, letting her refill it without glancing her way.

Zoe was speechless-she was supposed to be his elder, his aunt, and he did not even thank her.

However, she seemed used to it and refilled both John and Jay’s cups.

Still, she had to admit that men were so good looking when they were working seriously.

They were both seated at the table in front of the glass wall, and it was honestly a feast for the eyes as
the sun illuminated their silhouettes.

How could Cordy not fall for that?

“Zoe?” Jay turned to find her with a broad, silly grin on her face.

Zoe quickly came to her senses, realizing that she had inadvertently spaced out… but John was just so

Still, she brought the two cups of coffee over. “Here you go.”

“Thanks,” Jay said politely, while John still ignored her.

“You should go back to your room,” Jay suddenly told Zoe.

“Am I disturbing you?” Zoe asked, giving him a wounded look.

She had been staying in the living room since they wanted to work in peace, refraining from even
breathing too loudly… What more did they want?!

However, Jay could not tell her that she was almost drooling as she ogled at John’s face.

Jay was used to it, since she always tagged along wherever John went-she was a lookist through and

But considering that they were not blood related now, certain matters needed to be snuffed out in the

“I was worried that you’d be bored. Go to your room and play something.”

“I can do the same here,” Zoe said, feeling Jay was being weird.

“Go to your room. You’re affecting us a little,” John said coolly then.

Zoe’s bad temper flared right then, but instead of arguing, she whipped out her phone and showed him
Cordy and Patrick’s wedding photos.

John blinked, staring at Cordy in a bridal dress and leaning into Patrick’s chest with a blissful smile.

He was ready for the fact that she would marry, but actually seeing it still left a stinging pain in his
chest-as if pricked by a million needles.

He averted his eyes, appearing unaffected while Zoe snapped, “Do you know why you lost Cordy or
couldn’t beat Patrick Stuart?! Because you’re always so cold! That’s why Cordy is now marrying
someone else!”

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