A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1135

John’s return to Levine Manor left the servants gaping at him.

Some were actually spooked, since they were told that he was dead!

As such, Nancy hurried out of her room upstairs and was left staring blankly for a long while when she
saw John, thinking for a second that she had seen a ghost.

She eventually yelped loudly, and Cora hurried out of her room as well before getting flabbergasted to
see John in the living room.

“Y-You’re not dead, John?” she asked gingerly.

“Nope,” John said nonchalantly. “I survived by chance.”

Nancy hurried out down the stairs, still in shock but mustering her courage to throw her arms around
John.” Johnny, you’re alive… You’re really alive…”

John’s heart raced a little.

Having grown up at Levine Manor, he knew Nancy’s character best—others aside, she was genuinely
kind to him.

He returned her hug. “I’m home now, Aunt Nancy.”

“Don’t you know how hard it’s been over the years…” Nancy sobbed hysterically in her arms. “You
could’ve come back sooner… Even Dad’s gone now, Johnny…”

It took a long while for Nancy to calm down a little as they caught up. “You’re not leaving after this, are
you, Johnny?”


“That’s good. You shouldn’t leave… You’d give me a heart attack like Jay Parker!” Nancy huffed,
absolutely seething at the mention of the name.

Nonetheless, John said bluntly. “I’ve seen everything on the news about you and Uncle Jay. I don’t
think he’s at fault.”

“Are you siding with him too, Johnny?! Do you know what I’ve been through?!” Nancy cried, agitated
right then.

She was certainly under the impression that John had returned to back her up, especially since their
family was dwindling. It was as if without a man holding the fort, most of the people who used to
respect their family were starting to turn against them.

Now that John finally returned after all those years, she was certainly eager to rally the family and
punish those who disrespected them viciously… only for John to not take her side?!

She was certainly overwhelmed!

Nonetheless, John remained blunt. “Any grievances between you and Zoe were over the instant you
chased her out of the family. If anything, your spite should be leveled at Ivan York or even Clara
Gooding-Zoe was a victim too.”

“But she-“

“I understand that it’s unrealistic for you to accept Zoe. Anyone would feel indignant if the same thing
were to happen to them, and I understand if you can’t stand the sight of her, but you went out of your
way to harass her and even cut ties with Jay because of that. It’s something I can never agree with,”
John said sharply.

Nancy was certainly frustrated, but she was keener to listen to John than Jay, not to mention that he
had just returned and she did not want things to get sour between them right away.

And he was the only man who could hold the fort now.

“As for you, Cora.” John turned toward the other woman, who was sitting beside them and remained on
edge for a while now.

Cordy’s heart could stop right then-she was certainly apprehensive when John mentioned Zoe and
guilty since she was the one who harassed Zoe.

And John was obviously siding with Zoe and Jay…

She stared at John worriedly. “John…”

“Things could’ve gone well between you and Bob, including marriage and starting a family. Your
jealousy was what caused your break-up, and Zoe isn’t at fault. You brought it on yourself.”

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