A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1133

John was calm, a stark contrast to Zoe’s agitation.

“I am both Lucas Lynch and John Levine.”

Zoe took a long while to reflect on those worse until she finally understood. She sprang up from Jay’s
lap in excitement, clapping her hands as she cried, “I knew you were you, but Cordy doubted me! I
mean, after living with you for years, I’d recognize you even if all that’s left of you were bones!”

John was speechless-Zoe never learned how to hold her tongue even after years.

“By the way, what’s it with you? Why did you fake your death? What are you doing here at the hospital?
And what’s with that emergency surgery? Was it something serious?” Zoe rambled on, asking a ton of

Still, John answered every question she had, and Zoe felt patience from him for the very first time.

It was as if his temperament changed after his ‘death’…

After he was done, Zoe muttered to herself and recounted everything. “So, you’re saying that you
survived the explosion after Jessica Stuart blew up the ship and were rescued unexpectedly… only to
be shipped abroad. The people who saved you just happened to have a son who recently died, so they
altered your face to resemble him, which was easy since you two share some resemblance.

That was why no one questioned your real identity?”

“It’s just been a few years, but you’re smarter now,” John commented.

“I’ve always been smart!” Zoe snorted grumpily.

John smiled faintly but did not argue.

“Well, did you tell Cordy?” Zoe quickly asked. “Wait, I just remembered-didn’t you marry Nana Lynd?
Do you know what happened to her family?”

“Cordy knows.”

“What?!” Zoe was flabbergasted.

Used to that reaction from her by now, both John and Jay stayed exceedingly calm.

“So she’s been hiding it from me all this while? And she also knew Jay was sneaking around for…” Zoe
muttered to herself.

The more she did, the angrier she got-was Cordy actually her friend? Why would she refuse to tell her

“Then, you and Cordy are now…”

“Completely unrelated,” John said bluntly.

“But did you know that Cordy is getting married?” Zoe asked.

John pursed his lips in silence, while Jay quickly said, “When did she ever say she’s marrying? They
just started dating. They wouldn’t move so fast-“

“Cordy just called me the other day, saying Patrick proposed to her, and she said yes. She’s with him at
Rocktown right now, and they’ll get married in a few months if there are no issues,” Zoe blurted, only
realizing afterward that she might have said too much.

She was painfully aware how much John loved Cordy.

At the same time, the ward turned eerily silent.

That was when Zoe muttered, “I mean, we could steal the bride too…”

Jay was left gaping at her, wondering if there was anything his own wife would not say.

John was staring at Zoe too, and it gave her the creeps. No, hold on-what I meant was she’s still at the
engagement phase, and they aren’t actually married yet. We can try to stop it!”

“… Isn’t Cordy your bestie?” Jay could not bear to listen to another word.

He certainly wanted Cordy to stay with John, but whatever the case might be, Cordy was in a
relationship now.

Interfering with that would make John the other guy…

Somehow, Jay found himself looking forward to that.

“This is for my cousin’s happiness!” Zoe said, blurting the word just then.

As John turned toward her, Zoe suddenly remembered something. “Oh, right. I’m not your cousin-we’re
totally unrelated.”

John rolled his eyes—honestly, one should not invest emotions in Zoe.

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