A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1126

Quinn asked, “Are you sure you’re not being paranoid?”

“Do I look like a paranoid person?’ Zoe retorted.

Quint thought about it, but had to agree-if Zoe was convinced that Jay was being weird, there was
definitely an issue with Jay.

And yet, it was so obvious that he pampered Zoe and tiptoed around her…

“Didn’t Jay tell you anything?” Cordy asked casually.

“Tell me what?” Zoe was even more perplexed.

Cordy frowned-reasonably speaking, Jay would have recognized John as soon as he saw him, and
John must have decided to reunite with family now that he returned to North City.

There was no reason to keep Zoe out of the loop, was there? Especially with the bond between her
and John which stood for years…

“What’s weighing on your mind?” Zoe was staring at Cordy, perplexed and feeling that Cordy was being
weird too.

It almost felt like she was the weird one there…

“Maybe he’s preparing a surprise for you.” Cordy hastily came up with an excuse.

While Zoe appeared taken aback, Quinn quickly added,”


That’s true, that’s the only explanation! So just let it pass, or you’d be curbing Jay’s enthusiasm. I
mean, you know how much courage it took for him to get romantic with you!”

Zoe’s mood improved as Quinn chimed in, though Cordy became a little apprehensive and said
gingerly, “Don’t hold out too much hope, though.”


“I just think Jay isn’t the type who can prepare surprises…” “True.” Zoe nodded. “I shouldn’t hold out
too much hope.” “Either way, you just wait and see for now. Come on-it’s rare for Cordy to come back,
so we should start drinking,” Quinn said, quickly smoothing things over.

Still, things got exciting as Zoe’s mood improved, and the three ladies drank all the way past midnight
until Jay came to get them.

He almost seemed used to seeing them drunk, and he sent Quinn home first before Cordy.

Zoe was leaning on Jay’s chest, dizzily asleep.

“Cordy,” Jay said then.

“Yeah?” Cordy was a little dizzy too, and was leaning against the car door feebly.

“Johnny’s actually…”

Jay trailed off, hesitant to finish his own sentence.

“Then? Is it alright for things to stay like this?”

“Yeah, it is.”

“Don’t you find it… regrettable?”

“I’m over regrets,” Cordy said. “Didn’t he tell you what happened between us?”

“No, he didn’t.”

“Then there’s nothing to say. Either way, it’s difficult for us to be together now.”

“Difficult isn’t impossible. Johnny actually still-“

“Patrick has been very good to me too,” Cordy said quietly, staring quietly at the moon outside. “I guess
we’re just not meant to be.”

Jay had more to say, but Cordy stopped him. “You’re keeping John company over the next two days,
aren’t you?”


“Zoe’s been finding you acting strange, and she thought you’re preparing a surprise for her. You’d
better talk to her properly or she’d be very disappointed.”

Jay did a double take and soon nodded. “Okay. Thank you.” Cordy smiled, and the car was silent

As they arrived at Cordy’s mansion and she alighted, Jay was not able to tell her that John was
undergoing plastic surgery.

He had the feeling that he would be overreaching if he spoke too much about what was between them,
although he still found it a pity.

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