A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1129

Patrick’s smile became even more apparent, and he carefully took out the ring and put it on Cordy’s

It illuminated her perfect cheeks dazzlingly, painting her with breathtaking beauty.

Patrick got off the floor, and just as he did, there was a huge gust that kicked the petals on the floor into
the air before it started to rain down on them.

It was certainly a romantic sight as they were completely engulfed in the petals.

Cordy took it all in and was so emotional her eyes welled with tears.

“Can I kiss you?” Patrick asked.

Cordy smiled-he was such a doofus.

She wrapped her arms around Patrick’s neck and kissed him.

Patrick was taken aback and clearly nervous-so much so that his whole body was shuddering.

He was afraid to respond, and their lips stayed locked just like that.

Sean was standing nearby as he watched them kiss and embrace each other.

The breeze was picking up in strength, ruffling his hair and kicking the petals into the air.

It was a beautiful sight that no one could tear their eyes away from, but Sean ultimately turned to leave.

They deserved all the happiness, and he was just an extra.

The next day, Zoe started shadowing Jay in North City.

She felt pressured about actually doing it, but Cordy said it was fine, so she was soon at ease.

Hence, she followed Jay… and arrived at the hospital.

What was he doing there?

It was not some terminal illness, was it?!

All her suspicion towards Jay abruptly turned into concern.

She just could not imagine it. What was she going to do if Jay died?

Suddenly too afraid to follow, she watched as Jay wheeled himself into the elevator.

She hid in a corner and waited to see the floor number where Jay stopped, and she whipped out her
phone to call Cordy.

Cordy was just packing his bags with Patrick, preparing to leave for Rocktown, while Sean was
smoking at the doorway and waiting for them.

Cordy quickly answered when she saw the call. “Zoe?”

“Cordy…” Zoe was sobbing on the other end.

“What’s wrong?” Cordy asked nervously.

“You told me to follow Jay yesterday, right? I did just that, and it turns out that he’s at the hospital…
Could it be some terminal illness?”

Zoe was on the verge of getting hysterical after she said it, which left Cordy frowning.

Why was Jay at the hospital?

Could John have been admitted? Did he not just leave the hospital after recovering?

Come to think of it, John would probably undergo reconstructive surgery for his face since North City’s
plastic surgeons were famous across the nation, and it made sense that John would choose to do it.

As such, she remained calm, “What if it was someone else who got sick?”

“You mean, his secret lover got sick? Wait, could she be pregnant?!” Zoe became even more agitated.

“Calm down, Zoe.” Cordy laughed in amusement. “Jay Parker would rather be a eunuch than cheat on
you. Don’t worry.”

“Then, what is he doing at the hospital?”

“Won’t you find out if you follow him?”

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