A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1122

John never told Cordy and kept holding on to her hand in silence.

He gulped, his heart pounding erratically as he wished the flight would last so much longer.

It was after a long while when the plane finally started its descent, and the woman nearby started to
bawl in an instant, though it was tears of joy this time.

“I’m never boarding a plane anymore! Hngh…”

Cordy breathed a quiet sigh of relief in turn.

She was not as hysterical as the other woman, but everyone feared death regardless.

She had to inhale deeply several times to only calm herself slightly, and that was when she noticed that
she had been squeezing John’s hand.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she relaxed her fingers to release him, only to realize that John had
been holding firmly to her hand, too.

Nonetheless, John sharply noticed her movement and quickly released her.

The air between them turned awkward, but luckily, the plane had touched down and stopped soon
enough, and everyone could get off.

Cordy did so without a second’s hesitation, whereas John waited for a while before leaving as well,
deliberately keeping a distance from Cordy in fear that his presence would repulse her.

As they disembarked one after the other, Cordy suddenly heard another woman calling out to her.
“Miss? Why are you alone? Where’s your boyfriend?”

Cordy turned to find the woman who had been crying hysterically on the plane, who had left way earlier
than she did.

She must have been so spooked that she did not want to stay another second on the plane.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Cordy replied bluntly nonetheless.

“No way! But it’s so obvious that he loved you,” the woman said seriously. “Oh, I guess you must be
having a fight… I mean, he was wearing a mask and all, and I was scared out of my mind, but I
somehow still couldn’t help noticing his eyes just then. There’s no hiding that care and love… it’s like
he’d die a thousand times than let you be hurt.”novelebook.com

As Cordy stayed silent, the woman continued without a care, “I think you can forgive him if it’s just a
small fight. I can really tell that he loves you. Anyway, I’m off-my boyfriend’s here to get me. I wish you
and your boyfriend all the best!”

And with those words, the woman quickly ran off and threw herself into the waiting arms of a man and
started to bawl miserably again.

The man coaxed her tenderly, and they soon happily left.


Cordy did a double take when she suddenly heard a familiar voice and turned to see the man with a
face mask and a baseball cap in front of her.

Despite the good disguise, she was familiar with Jay enough to recognize him immediately.

“What are you staring at?” he asked in curiosity.

Cordy pursed her lips-she would never admit that she envied the woman and her boyfriend’s

But Patrick was obviously a good man, though he was just not beside her at the moment.

“Nothing,” she replied.

“Do you…” Jay paused, but he probably was not sure how to ask his question and changed his mind
after some thought.”

I came to get John.”

Cordy looked up at him, and he sighed, a little afraid to hope as well. “You’re surprised too, aren’t you?
I mean, Johnny was obviously… Well, he said he is, and I believed it.”

As a matter of fact, Jay had just received a call this morning from a person claiming to be John, saying
that he would be returning to North City on this flight.

And so, Jay came to receive him.

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