A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1369

Sam was actually mystified. “How would you know that if you don’t try?”

“Try? It’s called reality!” Gilbert snapped grumpily. “Stop wasting our time, boy—shut your mouth if you
don’t understand how any of this works.”

“I agree. I don’t know a thing about managing a company,” Sam conceded. “But I think your pessimism
doesn’t work either, Mr. Wells. I mean, pulling out just because you have an issue? How are you going
to solve anything at this rate?”

“What…” Gilbert was left flushing in anger and took a moment to calm down before continuing, “I’m not
saying that I don’t want to solve this. I’m just refusing to waste our time on something pointless!”

“Since you’re denouncing my solution as pointless and a waste of time, what better option are you
suggesting here, Mr. Wells?” Sam asked in turn.

Gilbert almost choked right then-would he be that flustered if he had any?!

And yet, Sam was refusing to give him an inch and continued to frustrate him repeatedly as everyone
else looked on!

Be that as it may, Gilbert did not have anything to say and gave in sheepishly after a while. “W-Weren’t
we supposed to discuss this together?”

“In that case, discuss away-l’m listening,” Sam said, reclining against his chair patiently.

However, the board members could only trade glances- they clearly had nothing.

“No discussion? Why the silence?” Sam frowned.

The board members were miffed at that but obviously had nothing to say either.

As things got more awkward, Gilbert gave in and snapped at Sam, “Aren’t you the acting board
chairman? Shouldn’t you be leading us?”

Sam actually laughed in amusement, which left Gilbert glowering—what a spoiled brat, banking on his
good fortune in life!

Nonetheless, Sam told him, “Didn’t you just shoot down my idea, Mr. Wells? In that case, what else can
I say?! And if I recall, I’m supposed to be your boss, spending fortunes for your service. Or is that not
how this works? Is my money supposed to be spent on sustaining your freeloading?”

“Watch your mouth!” Gilbert sprang to his feet, infuriated by Sam’s ridicule.

Quinn, who was beside Sam, had the feeling that he would give Gilbert a stroke if he kept this up.

Tugging on his suit, she whispered to him, “Pipe down.

They’re not employees—they’re shareholders.”

“Shareholders?” Sam repeated. “You mean, they’re bosses too?”

“Or you can consider them your partners, while you’re the bigger boss.”

“Oh, that’s better,” Sam replied and turned back to the board members. “Mr. Wells there said that I’m
the boss here and should be resolving this crisis, no? I therefore ask the rest of the board to state their
respective opinions as well-since you are all bosses too.”

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