A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1367

Sam handed Quinn a glass of water. “Here, have a drink.”

Quinn was surprised-he never was this caring with anyone.

Still, her stare left him embarrassed, and he averted his eyes, huffing stubbornly, “Your voice is hoarse.
It’s grating.”

Quinn did not take it to heart-he probably would not stop being a tsundere.

“The board meeting will start at 2 PM,” she reminded him.” You have to attend it in place of your father
and announce your tenure as the acting board chairman.”

“Already?” Sam exclaimed in surprise.

“Is that going to trouble you?”

“No,” Sam replied, bracing himself just then. “I just didn’t expect you to be so efficient.”

“Well, John is right about keeping the company in line,” Quinn said seriously. “That means it can’t go
leaderless, although the meeting might turn out to be a bloodbath as well… Even so, you have my
unconditional support.”

“It’s just a bunch of geezers,” Sam huffed nonchalantly. “I can handle them.”

“With age comes wisdom. Don’t let your guard down,” Quinn told him.

“Don’t worry.”

Quinn could not help smiling at how confident Sam looked- he always did like to put on airs.

Even so, she found a sense of security in the way he faced crises with aplomb.

Sam led Quinn into the board conference room at 2 PM sharp.

The air in the room was stiff with the twenty board members all scowling as they sat.

Sam took the board chairman’s seat nonetheless, which caused further displeasure.

In fact, everyone immediately started urging Sam to leave, none of them showing him due respect.

“What do you think you’re doing here, Sam Saunders?! This isn’t a place for you to mess around-we
need to discuss a vital issue the company is facing!”

“Your father is still in the hospital, and the company’s facing a crisis. You can’t help us, so don’t add to
our troubles too.”

“Leave already. Don’t delay our meeting!”

Nonetheless, Sam remained calm as he announced, “My father’s doctors have insisted that he takes
his time to rest and recover. As such, before he has a clean bill of health, I’ll be taking his place and his
full authority in managing Saunderia.”

“Are you kidding me?!’ One of the board members snorted.”

Or has your dad gone senile?! Letting you take over?! If there’s anyone who can, it’d be Ryan-certainly
not you!”

“Dream on, kiddo. We won’t voluntarily accept the leadership of some rich playboy who’s never done a
day of serious work in his life.”

“If you’re really taking charge, then I give up entirely. Do whatever you want-it’s just bankruptcy at

Sam was left scowling by the chorus of disapproval.

However, it was reasonable considering his lack of accomplishments… In fact, from a certain point of
view, the board’s loyalty to the company was made evident.

As such, he calmed down and explained patiently, “I neither contributed anything to Saunderia nor
worked seriously before my father’s illness. However, this incident has

spurred me to mend my ways and put all my effort into my work.”

However, the board members were not understanding at all.

“Those are some pretty words, but can you back them up?”

“Look at your own eye! You were recently involved in a fight, weren’t you?! Go back to your life of
pleasure, and we might turn things around ourselves.” “That’s right-are you trying to get us bankrupt
sooner with your leadership?!”

Sam did not expect the geezers to be this harsh!

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