A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1365

Sam said, “I’ll come up with something.

Peter looked up at Sam in disbelief, though he was not at all convinced that Sam could come up with a
solution. The man never even took any notice of Saunderia when things were going smoothly!

Now that it was a mess, Peter was never going to believe that Sam would shape up and take the reins,
let alone have what it takes.

Nonetheless, Quinn spoke up just then. “Thank you. Now that we understand the specifics, let us have
some time to resolve the issue. You can get back to work for now.”

She naturally could tell that Peter was belittling Sam and had no faith in the man. She therefore quickly
sent Peter away-who knew if his attitude would provoke Sam.

With Sam’s fiery temper, he might just let loose once things went south. Moreover, they were in the
middle of a crisis and naturally should cater to him.

As Peter left worriedly, Quinn turned to Sam. “So our most pressing issue is capital and then the
censure of our core technology. You could ask John for some ideas.”

“Yeah.” Sam nodded.

He certainly knew nothing about business at the moment and needed John’s help… only to remember
something else

when he whipped out his phone. “By the way, isn’t he still on his honeymoon?”

“Ah…” Quinn realized with a start—that seemed to be the case.

“Whatever. I’d be eating dirt by the time he comes back.” Sam snorted and made the call without

The dialing tone lasted for a while before John answered with a tired voice, and Sam glanced at a clock
to see that it was already half past ten in the morning.

He could not help teasing just then, “Tough day, huh, Johnny? Sounding exhausted at this hour?”

“What is it?” John offered no explanation, but his voice was so hoarse anyone would get funny ideas.

“My family’s in trouble.” Sam, however, dove straight to the point as well.

“What?” John’s tone in turn became serious.

Sam quickly gave him a rundown on Saunderia’s current situation, and Quinn added further details
when necessary.

“The priority is to restore capital flow,” John said bluntly after they were finished. “Though that’s still the
short term priority-the real issue is Saunderia’s core technology.”

“First of all, find out if there are actual problems or if it’s deliberate slander or speculations that took
root. Then, you should tailor the solution according to said issue. If there never were problems, get
international specialists to verify the tech and prove your innocence.”

“If there are problems, however, you have to fix everything without worrying about the losses or there
would be more issues to look forward to. Your father’s collapse would’ve sent Saunderia spiraling into
internal discord as well, so you need to keep everyone in line and ensure that operations are running
smoothly. If they don’t, the company would still collapse if you resolve your tech issues.”

“Also, the number of people in an organization would mean there are that many people thinking for
themselves. There’s no telling when someone would use the chaos to their benefit, so that must be
avoided at all costs. Any company needs to be stable internally before they tackle external issues.”

“Okay.” Sam nodded, having complete faith in John.

“Give me a week-l’ll resolve your capital issues for now,” John added. “Do as I tell you for the other
matters, and call me any time you’re having trouble.”

“Well, when are you coming back?” Sam asked-the man was gone for almost two weeks now and not
showing any inclination of returning.

“It’s still too early to say.”

“Planning to conceive a second child first?”

“…Maybe.” John admitted to it openly.

“You’re not exactly young, brother,” Sam joked. “Show some restraint.”

“You take care of yourself too.” John chuckled. “I’d rather not see you in the dirt when I get back.”

With that, they hung up.

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