A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1120

Sean pursed his lips but replied quietly, “That depends on your sincerity.”

’I think marriage is once in a lifetime, and I want it to be more formal.”

’Then, propose.”

’But I don’t know how to surprise her,” Patrick muttered dolefully.

‘ Are you asking me to brainstorm with you?’ Sean raised a brow.

‘No way,’ Patrick chuckled. ‘You’re all brawn and no brains. You know nothing.”

Sean did not argue.

He was definitely not great with romance, though he could take his time to learn.

Cordy finally showed up when they were almost finished with lunch, and Patrick called out to her
excitedly, ’ Are you finished with work, Cordy?”

’Yeah.’ Cordy nodded. “But I have some bad news.”

‘Please don’t give me a heart attack,” Patrick said nervously, constantly worried that she would leave
him in an instant.

Still, Cordy explained, ‘I’m taking a trip back to North City for work.”

‘What about me?” Patrick pouted as if he was already abandoned.

’You’re staying here to recover. The travel would wear you down.”


’Just stay here for now,” Sean interjected. “Your health matters most.”

’Well, how long would you be gone?” Patrick asked miserably, knowing then that resistance was futile.

’I’ll make it back as soon as I can.’

‘You mean, it won’t just be a couple days?” Patrick asked, a little agitated just then.

Cordy sighed. ’I was reminded at the meeting that Starstream’s spring season roadshow is in two days,
but there are still many things that aren’t done yet. Many notable figures in fashion have been invited,
so our brand name would be ruined big time if we mess up. That’s why I have to go back for a couple
days and hold the fort.

’Then, after it’s done in three days, there will be a gala in the evening to thank the VIPs I’ve invited.
There’s another fashion gala the next day-l’ve turned them down too many times before and have
finally agreed to it since our name would be included on the event’s title.’

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