A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1109

Patrick huffed. “Why would I argue with him?”

His tone was hostile, but he was keeping his voice down anyway, perhaps worried about waking Sean

Cordy smiled, but she refrained from exposing the man.

Patrick had his ego, and she did not want to make things awkward for him.

She brought a blanket for Sean and gently laid it over him-Sean was always a light sleeper, and even if
she was careful, he would have woken up on any other day.

But this time, he was still sleeping soundly.

Had he been busy? Probably.

After all, there was a lot to do in the Cranston family right now, and there were occasionally family
members who would add to his troubles.

Sean, who had to shoulder everything by himself, was definitely under considerable stress.

After tucking in Sean, Cordy returned to Patrick and asked, ‘Aren’t you going to sleep?”

“No way. I’ve been sleeping all day everyday for days, and I can’t sleep at all now,” Patrick grumbled.
“Did the doctors mention when I could get out of bed?”


“Guess we just have to wait forever,” Patrick reared his head and sighed.

Cordy smiled but did not offer him much in way of assurance-she had to be strict since Patrick’s
recovery was on the line.

By the way, how is John doing? Did he regain consciousness?” Patrick asked casually.

“Same old,” Cordy replied calmly, having decided that there was nothing she should hide from Patrick.
“He’s laying in bed, still as a mummy. I talked to him a little, telling him that I was getting married and
he should take good care of Dicky. I didn’t ask his doctor for details on his condition either.”

Patrick could not resist a chuckle. “Do you think he’s playing dead?”

Technically, he was not dead… though he was not far from it.

“Cordy,” Patrick said, suddenly taking her hand.

“Yeah?” Cordy smiled at him in turn.

“I’ll do right by you and take good care of you,” he promised.

“I know.” She beamed. “I’m smart enough not to make myself suffer, and I’d never marry a man on a

Patrick was grinning broadly in turn, and Sean just happened to wake up and saw their tender moment.

He did not even remember falling asleep-he seemed to close his eyes for a moment and immediately
dozed off.

He was jolted awake from the thought of falling asleep, and he immediately saw Cordy and Patrick
having a moment.

He really did not want to impose even as they seemed to be inching closer to each other-or Patrick was
leaning toward Cordy, to be precise.

Cordy did not reject him, though Patrick paused just as his lips were about to reach Cordy’s.

He blinked, spotting Sean staring straight at them from the corner of his eyes, i

He thought he was being watched, and he flinched when he actually saw Sean staring back at him,
flinching right then and pulling a rib!

’ Argh!” He could not help crying out loud.

“What’s wrong?!” Cordy asked worriedly.

She had no idea why Patrick would suddenly pull away so quickly.

Did she have bad breath?

She had actually been nervous since this was the first time she kissed Patrick, and she had to steel
herself a little mentally…

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