A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1107

Eventually, Patrick growled unhappily, “I’m done.”

Sean slowly turned and picked up the bed pan Patrick peed in as if it was natural, emptied it, and
cleaned it up before returning it to the ward.

After that, he returned to the washroom and washed his hands.

It seemed like a deliberate gesture to Patrick, as if to convey his disdain.

And when Sean was done, he simply sat on the couch nearby.

Both men did not say a word, leaving the ward in deathly silence.

Patrick suddenly found it uncomfortable. He decided to restrain himself and ask, “How’s John?”

Sean looked up at him, surprise showing in his eyes as he appeared caught off guard that Patrick
would ask about John.

“Do I look that cold to you?” Patrick demanded right then.

“Nope.” Sean smiled faintly. “Well, he’s still comatose, and he suffered worse burns than when he was
caught in that hotel fire. There’s so much bandage around his face now he looks like a mummy.”

What the hell kind of a description was that?!

Sean then asked, “Want to visit him?”

“Nope.” Patrick refused.

“Oh,” Sean replied.

‘No, it’s not like I can’t stand him,” Patrick quickly explained, somehow upset that Sean thought him
selfish for that.

‘I never said a word.” Sean was perplexed.

“That look on your face is like saying I’m not understanding-like I’m still worried he would steal Cordy
from me when he’s about to die,” Patrick snapped.

“Of course not,” Sean agreed, though Patrick found that response half hearted.

The man must think him two-faced!

“That look on your face says everything!” Patrick huffed stubbornly, while he burned with frustration

Sean was left staring at him, speechless. “Don’t you see that you’re being unreasonable here?”

’I’m unreasonable? Me?! What gives you the right to say that?! I’m just telling the truth!” Patrick huffed.

“That’s an awfully specific denial, if anything.”

“There. You’re still mincing words.”

“You’re being quarrelsome like a woman and unreasonable.”

‘Did you just call me a woman?!” Patrick was even more furious, and he felt like he could go up in
flames just then.

‘Well, you’re too talkative,” Sean said bluntly.


‘I know you don’t want to bother Cordy visiting John with your presence,” Sean said, cutting straight to
the point just then. “And you’re worried that Cordy would be unable to let go of him if you showed up.”

Patrick had more to say, but he stopped right then.

It was certainly upsetting that Sean read his mind, especially since it felt like Sean had him eating out
of his palm even if he could maintain his innocence.

‘Anyway, that’s enough talking. Sleep-or wake me if you need help,” Sean said and reclined against the
couch in turn.

He had been busy in the past week, as he had to travel frequently between the hospital and liaising
with the authorities who were in charge of the Lynd family’s case.

Naturally, he could delegate most of those tasks to others and did not have to wear himself out like

He just wanted to stay busy, since he would have less time to worry about anything else.

He closed his eyes, easing his tense mood, and he soon fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Patrick was still very much angry…

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