A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1105

Sean left John’s ICU ward for the day and headed to Patrick’s room, where Cordy was feeding him

He had a blissful, goofy smile on his face as he stared at Cordy, and Sean in turn smiled slightly,
seemingly in blessing.

As he entered, both of them turned toward him, with Cordy asking casually, ‘Is Dicky heading home?”

She was naturally aware why Richard was frequently coming to the hospital.

‘Yeah, I told him to head back to Cranston Hall-there’s a limit to visiting hours, and he’d be idling
staying here anyway,” Sean said, before adding,” He’d be third-wheeling if he came here too.”

Cordy blushed a little, though Patrick was beaming. “He’s too polite, honestly… We’re family now. He
would never be imposing.”

Sean was speechless. “Yes, you’re family. So can I borrow Cordy for a moment?”

Patrick was obviously reluctant, but Cordy already put the apple in his hand and said, ‘Eat it yourself.

‘What…” Patrick was clearly upset, but he could only watch as Cordy walked toward Sean.

That accursed third-wheeler always ruined things for him!

Did he have a brain fart at Lynd Manor?! Why did he have to save that buster?!

In the walkway outside, Cordy asked, “What is it?”

Sean would not have called her out here unless it was something important -or something she should

‘John isn’t recovering at all,” Sean said, straight to the point.

Cordy pursed her lips-this caught her slightly off guard, since she expected Sean to talk about the

Sean continued calmly, “It’s not like I think you owe John anything-he was willing to do this, so we don’t
have to feel an emotional debt toward him. I just think that it would always be a virtue to save a life, so
if you could wake John out of humanitarian causes, you should try.”

’Okay,” Cordy agreed to it-Sean’s reasoning was sound, and there was nothing to argue about. “You’ll
have to keep Patrick company. He can’t move freely, so help me out if he needs anything.”

’Okay.’ Sean nodded, and Cordy left.

Sean in turn headed inside Patrick’s ward, and the man promptly looked up excitedly.

’Cordy-’ He paused, his smile fading right away when he saw that it was Sean. “Wait, where’s Cordy?”

’She’s visiting John,” Sean said bluntly.

’Is this how you treat your savior, Sean Cranston?!” Patrick huffed. “How could you repay favor with
such spite?”

Sean did not argue or even say anything, changing the topic of conversation right away. ’Want a drink?”




‘Do you need the washroom?”

’Nope.” Sean refused, but he soon paused.

Nature called…

He pursed his lips-he wanted to say it, but he did not want to give in to Sean.

He was certainly upset that Sean sent Cordy over to John’s ward, even if he would not have stopped
Cordy out of his own selfish possessiveness.

He was just… uncomfortable about it.

Sean saw the look on Patrick’s face just then and asked again, “So, do you need the washroom?”

Patrick simply frowned and refused to answer, not inclined to let Sean help.

However, he could not say no since the doctor told him not to move because of his broken rib.

Sean suddenly moved very close to him, which left him stunned—what was Sean upto?!

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