A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1103

Cordy smiled faintly. “Really?”

“Well, he is impressive, so if he actually died…” Patrick continued and suddenly noticed the look of
indifference on Cordy’s face, adding, “It’d be a shame”

“You should be worried about yourself.” Cordy smiled, though her tone was stern. “You’re worried about
others when you break three ribs? The most important thing for you to do right now is to get better.”

“And once I’m better, will you marry me?” Patrick blurted.

He was actually surprised himself when he said that-he had always wanted to marry Cordy, but never
had the courage since he knew all too well that he was not all that important to her yet.

At least not important enough to entrust the rest of her life with… Like a burglar, he had all the intention
but not the courage.

Even he had no idea how he managed to say that.

In fact, he was panicking before Cordy responded. “I-I was just kidding. I’m not asking to offer yourself
to me just because I saved your cousin-“

“Yes,” Cordy suddenly said, i

Patrick did a double take, caught in disbelief at how sudden happiness reached him.

Still, he said solemnly at the next instant, “I’m not attempting emotional blackmail here, Cordy. I’ll admit
it’s a dream to marry you and build a happy family, but I’d never force you, let alone compel you to do
something you don’t want to…”

“I’m not saying yes because you saved Sean.” Cordy smiled. “I decided the instant we head inside
Lynd Manor-that we’ll marry if we can get out safely.”

‘ Really?” Patrick was still a little skeptical.

Even if things were going well between them lately, he could still feel a sense of distance from Cordy-
did she really come to accept him so quickly?

‘ Really. I’ve made up my mind-this isn’t on a whim.” Cordy sighed feebly.

He was the one who wanted to marry, but it somehow felt like she was the one harassing him now

“Well, why don’t you tell me what I have going for me?” Patrick asked resolutely.

Cordy was speechless-did he have second thoughts already?

Still, she knew all too well that Patrick was just worried she would regret it and give herself grief.

He was afraid that she forced herself to marry him when she obviously did not love him.

However, what reason did she have to reject a man who had been so good to her?

As such, she told him solemnly, “You have so many things going for you that I can’t begin to count.
You’re handsome, kind, and understanding, and you always dote on me. These are more than enough,
but that isn’t the reason I’d marry you. It’s because I love you.”

Patrick’s eyes welled with tears right then.

He did not cry even if he broke three ribs from getting shot, and it hurt like hell.

Even so, he could not stop his tears when Cordy said she loved him-he would never have demanded
that the one he loved to love him back.

He always felt that he did not have the luck, that love was just beyond his reach.

In fact, he had never found love because of his sexual preferences before, and he knew for sure that
he would become straight someday-whether he was actually willing. That was why his relationships
before were just indulgence and not love.

But at this very moment, it felt like he had come to possess the world.

He said tearfully, “I won’t ever let you down, Cordy.”

Me neither,” Cordy told him resolutely.

Patrick held out his hand then, and Cordy took it in hers, locking fingers with him-offering each other
the warmest of refuge.

Outside the ward, Sean quietly observed their exchange, his gaze more calm than affected as he
quietly offered his blessings.

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