A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1102

Nonetheless, Patrick refused. “You’ll wear yourself out.”

’Not really.”

’Either way, you don’t have to. Just keep me company, and I won’t be bored, ’ Patrick smiled.

Cordy did not press the issue. “Alright. We can chat.”

’Yeah… About what?’1 Patrick asked.

’Anything you like,” Cordy smiled faintly.

Patrick felt like his heart could melt from her tenderness and suddenly felt the bullet he took was
exceedingly worthwhile!

’ By the way, did you get John out? Is he alright?” Patrick asked.

Cordy was silent for a while.

’Hold on, you didn’t?” Patrick exclaimed in surprise.

Reasonably speaking, Cordy and John would have left Lynd Manor before anyone else-Patrick was in
turn delayed because he doubled back to help Sean.

’Sorry, but I lied to you.” Cordy apologized sincerely then.

‘You mean, you didn’t get John out when I called you?”

’I didn’t want you to get hurt.”

Patrick appeared a little upset at that, so Cordy quickly assured him, ‘ But I’m alright, aren’t I? I was just
positive I’d give up for my own safety’s sake if I couldn’t get John out, and I didn’t want further trouble
like having you come to me.”

‘Don’t do that ever again!” Patrick snapped sternly. “I won’t hold this one against you just because
you’re safe.”

“Yeah. I won’t do it ever again,’ Cordy promised.

Naturally, Patrick would not really get upset with Cordy-not when he could not get enough of her.

‘How’s John?” he asked, not really concerned about the man’s fate.

He just needed definitive answers, since they went into a burning building to save that man.

‘I don’t know,” Cordy admitted.

“What?” Patrick raised a brow.

“I managed to get him out, but he took off his fireproof overalls and gave it to Nana Lynd. Saving her
delayed him from getting out too, so I left with my bodyguard first. You were already in surgery when
we saw him being rushed into the hospital with Nana, but I didn’t ask after them, so I don’t know how
they’re actually doing.”

Patrick pursed his lips, not sure what he could say just then.

‘He’s no more than a passing acquaintance to me now,” Cordy said with calm composure. ’Now, neither
of us owe each other anything, and there’s nothing that binds us together either. I’m over him—whether
he survives this.”

’Yeah.” Patrick nodded, genuinely convinced that Cordy was really over John.

He was convinced that he could offer Cordy a brighter future too.

‘Either way, the Lynds’ glory days are over after this,” Cordy said, coming up with another topic of
conversation so that Patrick was not so bored in bed. “The document Sean retrieved is decisive
evidence against the Lynds -the legal procedures will be a pain, but the outcome is assured.”

‘They were really up to some shady business, huh?”

‘Yes-abusing positions in political office, involvement in organized crime, extortion, and conspiracy to
murder,” Cordy listed. “It’s too much dirty laundry, and they’re done either way.”

’John is really amazing.’ Patrick suddenly sighed emotionally.

As Cordy frowned, he quietly continued, “Just think about it-it hasn’t been that long since he married
Nana, but he’s already found out their dirty secrets. I have to say it, but the man is extraordinary… I
have to admit I’m impressed, since he took down my family in the same manner years ago!”

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