A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1097

Cordy blinked at John, who said, “I didn’t think I’d see you again. This makes it worth it… even if I die
now.” “No one’s dying. Not until the very last moment,” Cordy said bluntly.

‘Just go,’ John told her nonetheless.

As Cordy pursed her lips, John repeated himself resolutely, “Go.’

’Shut up. It’ll be done soon enough,” Cordy said, averting her eyes.

She refused to give up until the very end.

And yet, smoke was starting to spill into the basement, and John obviously noticed that.

He held her gaze, looking deep into her eyes as she said, “I’m not worth it, Cordy.”

’This isn’t about you,” Cordy said coolly. “I refused to let Dicky be fatherless.’

’You’ve already taken good care of him.”

’That still doesn’t replace his father.”

’But he shouldn’t lose his mother too.’

Cordy bit her lip at that, while John continued, “Meeting you was my greatest blessing in life. That’s
why I feel no regrets.”

Cordy stayed silent and kept watching as the bodyguard hammered against John’s chains.

‘Please, I’m begging you. Go.”

There was a quiver in John’s voice now.

He was expendable, but she was not.

She must Iive-that was his only wish.

He would really be rolling around in his grave if she died because of him!

“Five minutes,” Cordy told him slowly and clearly then. “If we can’t break your chains by then, I’ll leave.”

’That’s completely unnecessary-“

’At that point, at least my conscience would be clear if you die.”

At least she did her best.

Even if she failed, that simply meant John was destined to die here.

John was in turn silent-he knew Cordy came to save him to keep a clear conscience.

After all, from her perspective, everything he did was in service to the Cranstons.

In reality, it was not-he did it for himself so that the Lynds could no longer threaten him.

It was the same thing with the Stuarts, as he would only gain freedom by neutralizing their power.

However, as time went by, Cordy was left staring and gripped by increasing despair.

The bodyguard kept hammering violently against the chains, but it crossed Cordy’s mind that she was
being delusional.

She could not save John-just like before, when he and Jessica Stuart boarded that ship, and ‘died’ on

All she could do was watch him die again.

At the same time, the smoke in the basement thickened, and without a breathing mask, John was
already hacking violently.

’Let’s go,” Cordy finally told the bodyguard.

This was enough-any further delay, and they would never make it out either.

John was right-Richard could go fatherless, but he could not be an orphan.

They had been doing just fine without John over the years, after all.

The only regret Cordy had was that Richard knew John survived, and this meant that he would have to
suffer the loss of his father again.

Her eyes were red as she felt helpless and despair before death.

The bodyguard obeyed and put the hammer down.

John seemed to heave a sigh of relief as well-thankfully, Cordy remained rational.

“I’m sorry.” Cordy apologized.

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